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Bread Roll

Bread roll is a kind of round or oval shaped bread. This dish is popular in almost all parts of the world and in various dialects this dish has distinctive names. The name “bread roll” has been basically invented by the bakers according to their method of baking and ingredients used to make the dough. In various cuisines, Bread rolls are eaten as breakfast rolls, stuffed with meats and other fry-ups.

European cuisine is quite famous for making bread roll. Especially, German and Austrian cuisines use the bread roll recipe to make various roll dishes. Even there is a classification also among the bread rolls, which divide them into white rolls and dark rolls. The difference between both these recipes is the use of ingredients.

Bread roll is popular as a comfort food that can be consumed at any time.

History and Origin of Bread Roll Recipe

Though there is no specific evidence related to the origin of bread roll, but it is believed that ‘bap’ a kind of large and soft bread roll dates back to 16th century. It is also said that England is the place where bread rolls were eaten from the times when the bread came into being. However, bread is considered one of the earliest varieties of prepared foods and its origin dates back to 30,000 years ago in the Europe.

Ingredients Prescribed by Bread Roll Recipe

Bread roll typically prepared with dough containing flour and water. Dough may be leavened or unleavened. Yeast is usually added to the dough. The variety of flour also depends upon the particular bread roll recipe. Either wheat flour or rye flour is used in the preparation of bread roll.

Additional ingredients include salt and sugar for flavoring. Few spices such as coriander seeds and cumin are especially used to enhance the taste of bread rolls. Various seeds; caraway, sesame, poppy and sunflower seeds are especially added to add health factor as well as flavor. Butter or lard is incorporated to give smoothness to the dough and it also helps in giving softness to the bread.

Method of Preparation of Bread Rolls

Bread roll is essentially prepared with baked method. Soft dough is prepared by mixing the ingredients in correct proportion. It is usually kept for leavening. Few types of bread are also prepared without leavening as well.

In olden times, the dough for bread rolls was kneaded with hands. These days with the advancement of technology and machineries, the dough is kneaded with the help of machines in the bakeries or even at home. Baking is also done with quite perfection with correct temperature. Shape of bread roll depends upon the recipe. Some are round or some are long and elongated. Few rolls are often given the shape of a croissant.

Serving and Eating of Bread Rolls

Bread roll is a comfort food and can be eaten at any time of day. It can be served as a breakfast roll by stuffing the salami, sausages or other ingredients. Usually, at the time of dinner, bread roll is consumed with soups and salads.

Breads rolls can simply be eaten by spreading butter or jam over them. For stuffing, these rolls are cut into half and filled with the mixture of ingredients.

Health Facts Related to Bread Roll Recipe

Bread roll is essentially a healthy food especially, when prepared with wheat flour and rye flour. Nuts and spices also add nutrients to the bread.