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Biscuit Roll

Biscuit roll, also known as cookie roll, is a type of biscuit that is very common in most Asian countries and is generally served as a snack with tea. This crispy biscuit is quite crunchy and usually broken into pieces making it easy to eat. Since, many parts of Asia are known to produce these biscuits, they are known by different names, such as “Barquillos” in Philippines. These rolls are generally served at breakfast, unlike bread rolls which are served at dinner.

Origin of Biscuit Roll Recipe

Biscuit roll, which is generally preceded by the term ‘crispy’, has its origin in the Southeast Asia, in Hong Kong to be more specific, where New Territories is popular for manufacturing these biscuits. Soon, the recipe spread to other neighboring countries and today these biscuits are sold in souvenir shops and even delicacy shops in most parts of the towns, cities and also highways.

Preparation of Crispy Biscuit Rolls

This roll is prepared with wheat flour, eggs, butter, and sugar and flavored with vanilla essence. The ingredients used for rolls and biscuits are the same as bread, however, the proportion and baking time varies. Compared to the bread dough, a little extra sugar and fat are added for preparation of these rolls and the baking time is lesser than that required for bread.

Variations of Biscuit Roll Recipe

The term biscuit roll is synonymous with egg roll in China. However, there are other rolls that are similar in terms of the way they are named and eaten as a snack. Some popular roll recipes are –

Salmon Roll is another variation of the tuna roll with the inclusion of mushrooms, celery, green pepper and black olives. Bacon slices are included too which is optional.

Egg Roll– Egg roll is a variant of the spring roll. While spring roll is made by wrapping sliced vegetables and even meat (if desired) in rolled out dough and then deep frying the rolls, egg rolls are made by dipping the same roll in egg and then deep frying them.

Tuna Biscuit Roll – This is a fish flavored roll that is usually has tuna as one of the main ingredients. Cheddar cheese or condensed cheese soup, milk, biscuit mix, mayonnaise, dry onion soup mix and drained tuna flakes are the main ingredients of these rolls.