Butternut Squash Risotto

The traditional Italian butternut squash risotto hails from the original risotto dish. Risotto is a rice dish prepared in chicken broth or stock with the addition of grated parmesan cheese and vegetables or meat of choice. The recipe of butternut squash risotto is very similar to the classic risotto recipe. One unique aspect of this type of risotto is that, it can only be prepared from Arborio rice; whereas in the original risotto recipe this rice type is the least used one.

Method & Ingredients Used In Butternut Squash Risotto Recipe:
The unpeeled butternut squash is boiled with chicken stock and set aside. On a separate deep cooking dish or saucepan, the Arborio rice is soaked with white wine (optional) or chicken stock and fried onions are added later. Once the rice turns tender, the cooked butternut squash is added and further cooked for some time. Right before serving butternut squash risotto, grated cheese is poured over so that it melts into the mixture.

Garnishing Butternut Squash Risotto:
Butternut squash risotto is often served as a main meal course. Extra layer of parmesan cheese can be spread over after serving the rice, in the form of garnish.