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Goat Cheese Ricotta

Goat cheese ricotta suggests that this variant of ricotta cheese is prepared using goat milk. Ricotta cheese is usually prepared from the leftover whey (after the cheese production). Milk from sheep is used in the preparation of the ricotta cheese, sometimes cow, waterbufflao and goat’s milk are also used for the cheese preparation.

Culinary Usage of Goat Cheese Ricotta

In Northern Italy, the ricotta cheese is usually added to savory pasta based dishes like cannoli and desserts like cheesecake. Many types of cookies are also prepared using ricotta cheese as an ingredient.

Ricotta is added to savory dishes including pasta, pizza, calzone, ravioli, lasagna, and manicotti to enrich their flavor. This cheese variant is sometimes processed into smooth mixture and combined with ingredients like orange flower water, cinnamon, sugar, and chocolate shavings to serve as a dessert. Ricotta cheese is also used for decorating various layers of cassata, or as a stuffing in crunchy tubular Cannoli. The cheese is usually cooked with eggs and grains until it gets firm before using it in pastiera.

It is also considered as an apt substitution for mayonnaise while preparing tuna or egg salad. It is also used for thickening sauces.

Goat Cheese Ricotta Recipe Variations

  • Pizzette with Ricotta and Goat Cheese – This is a mini pizza which is usually served as an appetizer with cold drinks. This dish is prepared using fresh goat cheese, whole-milk ricotta cheese, olive oil, grated lemon peel, and freshly chopped fresh basil. The pizza is topped with yellow, red, and orange cherry tomatoes.

    Substitutions – Pizza dough can be skipped and crostini can be prepared using baguette. For enriched flavors, the cherry tomatoes can be marinated in the combination of olive oil, basil, and balsamic vinegar for sometime before topping. Different types of toppings like pepperoni and mushrooms can be tried out for this recipe.

  • Sweet Onion and Goat Cheese Ricotta Ravioli with Thyme Burnt Butter – This dish is best to be served as an appetizer. The pasta dough is prepared using plain flour, salt, eggs, olive oil, and chlorophyll. The ravioli is prepared using onions, olive oil, Goat cheese Ricotta, pepper, thyme, and beaten eggs. This recipe was devised by Serge Dansereau for a show termed Short Orders which was produced by XYZ Networks for the Lifestyle FOOD.