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Mint Rice

Mint Rice is essentially a spiced mint-flavored savory rice preparation that is quite popular across the Indian sub-continent.

Ingredients and Preparation

Superior quality Basmati Rice, freshly chopped mint leaves, chopped onions, fragrant whole spices, clarified butter and a ground mixture of ginger, garlic, green chillies and mint leaves are needed.

The rice is cooked in such a manner as to have separate grains. Oil is heated in a pan, fennel, cinnamon and bay leaves are fried; chopped onion, mint, curry leaves and a few green chillies are fried next. Once onions turn translucent the ground paste is added and sautéed till done. Finally, salt is added and the cooled rice is gently mixed in till uniformly combined. Clarified butter or ghee is added on top for added aroma.

Nutrition Information

A serving size of approximately 150 g provides 316 calories with 45 calories from fat; total of 5 g fat with 1 g saturated fat; 13 mg sodium, 61 g of total carbohydrates with 3 g sugar and 2g dietary fiber and 6g total protein. Based on % daily values – 7 % Vitamin A, 21 % Vitamin C, 6 % each of calcium and iron are obtained.

Nutritional Improvements

1. Brown rice may be used in place of white rice to improve the B-vitamin content of the dish and also fiber value.

2. Lentils may also be used to increase protein content and soluble fiber which helps improve LDL cholesterol levels and regularizes bowel movements. Lentils also provide folates, magnesium, potassium and iron as well as help balance blood glucose levels.

3. Beans sprouts may also be added which increase Vitamin C and fibre content. These also provide similar nutrients as lentils and assist in weight and blood sugar control; the potassium and magnesium regulate blood pressure and cardiac performance.

Suggested Accompaniment

This mint rice may be served along with raita made using freshly diced onions, cucumbers and tomatoes in beaten yoghurt garnished with fresh cilantro.