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Cloud Maker Ranch Prime Rib

To make this recipe use only dry rubs, NO WET MARINATES. Pour 1-1 1/2" rock salt trivet into the bottom of dutch oven and insert cable probe thermometer into center of roast place roast bone side down onto rock salt trivet bury roast pouring additional rock salt into the oven place lid on oven making certain as to not pinch cable wire. Plug cable into digital thermometer place one ring of briquettes under the oven and place two rings of briquettes on the lid change briquettes every hour bake until monitor reads 130-133 F dig roast out of rock salt and place in foil tented tray for at least 30 minutes slice and serve.
Please watch the video for ingredients.

1)Place a good amount of rock salt about an inch and a half at the bottom of the dutch oven.
2)Place the meat with the rub on the layer and bury it with more rock salt.
3)Stick a probe in the meat and close the lid. Start with 20 coals on the bottom and place 40 coals on top and change heat every hour. The meat is ready at an internal temperature of 133 degrees.
4)Scrub off the excess salt after the meat has cooked and place it into a foil tray and tent it with foil to allow it to continue cooking.

5)Carve the meat and enjoy!

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Main Dish
Farm or Ranch outdoor holidays are purely refreshing, especially making and enjoying food is all the more. Check out Chef Deen in the Cloud Maker ranch showing how to cook Prime Rib using only dry rubs with meat on a cast iron oven. Great to enjoy the cooked slices with a sauce.

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Cloud Maker Ranch Prime Rib Recipe Video