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Apple Mesquite Smoked Prime Rib

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Prime rib recipe, A juicy thick delicious steak well worth the time.
  Prime rib 1 Pound
  Rub 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs) (RC's Rub)

Bring the temperature up on the smoker to about 300 to 350 degrees F
add the wood
Well Coat the prime rib with the dry rub
Add the prime rib to the grill
for the first 30 minutes turn the prime rib until all sides are browned
wrap with aluminum foil and return to the grill for another 30 minutes
this is for medium rare, for medium well to well cook an additional 30 minutes

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Main Dish
Meaty, Juicy
Gourmet, Healthy
Preparation Time: 
5 Minutes
Cook Time: 
60 Minutes
Ready In: 
65 Minutes
Apple Mesquite Smoked Prime Rib

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A great article that I found on about roasting prime ribs: ------------------------ How To Cook Prime Rib Roast: Prime Rib Roast, at room temperature (very important) 2 tablespoons butter, room temperature Trim roast of excess fat but not the thin layer of fat the butcher leaves on the roast to protect and baste it while it cooks. To cook evenly, the prime rib roast must not be cold—let it stand at room temperature, loosely covered, for about 2 hours. Pat the rib roast dry with a paper towel or napkin. Preheat oven to 450°F. Smear the cut ends of the roast with the butter. Place the roast (ribs down or fat side up) in a heavy stainless-steel or other metal pan. NOTE: Select a roasting pan that has sides at least 3-inches deep. The rib bones are a natural rack; you won’t need a metal one. Sear the prime rib roast for 15 minutes at the higher oven temperature (450°F), then turn the oven to the lower temperature (325° F) for the rest of the cooking time. Every 1/2 hour, baste the cut ends of the roast with the fat accumulated in the roasting pan. About 1/2 hour before the estimated end of the roasting time, begin checking the internal temperature (use a good instant-read digital meat thermometer). Insert meat thermometer so tip is in thickest part of beef, not resting in fat or touching bone. Cook until prime rib roast reaches an internal temperature of 120°F. Remove from oven, cover with aluminum foil, and let sit approximately 15 to 20 minutes. NOTE: Remember, the prime rib roast will continue to cook as it sets. The temperature will rise to 125 to 130° F internal temperature (medium rare) at 15 to 20 minutes. If allowed to rest as long as an hour, the temperature will rise even higher. So, pay attention to how long you let the cooked roast sit. Convection Oven: If you use a convection oven, the temperature of your prime rib roast can rise as much as 30 degrees - so remove roast from oven at 110 degrees on your meat thermometer for rare, 115 to 120 degrees for medium rare, and 125 degrees for medium doneness. -----------------------
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Thanks for posting this beautiful prime rib recipe and picture. Tell us some more about RC's rub and share some details on what makes this prime rib recipe special.
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This Apple Mesquite smoked Prime Rib Recipe is looking delicious. Thanks for sharing this nice recipe. But how this prime rib recipe is healthy?
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thanks alok and ganesh for the great compliment and your both very welcome, what makes this special is the rub and the method used to smoke it, first of all the original rc's rub has over 30 different spices the one i have posted is a scaled down version of the original but works very well with anything chicken,fish,pork,beef, basically anything you wanna put it on it'll work. the other thing is the smoking method used most of your smoked foods will be done at about 200 to 225 degree's and is usually smoked for hours however, i bring the temp up to about 300 to 400 and i don't soak the wood, instead you'll see according to the recipe i turn the prime rib quite frequently i make sure that all sides get heat for that wonderful color this combined with the temperature causes a wonderful brazing or browning and by the time you've completed the turns parsay the rib is practically done. also on my last turns i'll go ahead and hit with some more rub the foil holds in juices and creates a final steam to help tenderize and flavour the rib. at this point the prime rib is perfectly done at medium rare, apple and mesquite compliments the prime rib and most who smoke will only use hickory or mesquite or apple usually not both or a combination and that my friend will make the dish. RC's Brisket house and cateringRC's Keepin it real
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Great posting of prime rib recipe. As you mentioned this prime rib is a part of menu. Could you please share a menu? Thanks for sharing this prime rib recipe.
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Sure i'll be glad to i'll post it later today RC's Brisket house and cateringRC's Keepin it real
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