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The Tortilla Guy & Chef Paul Prudhomme


Hey All while at yet another food show in Chicago over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet and chat with a icon in the food business !!  Chef Paul attended the Kehe Show in Chicago over the weekend and he still does many trade shows and conventions to support his Magic Seasoning Blends.


Chef Paul Prudhomme the man that made Cajun cooking famous well before Emril and they others !!


Chef Paul has been featured on TV from NBC Today Show, Letterman, to Nightwatch with many others in between, he has wrote articles for Life, Time, Newsweek and Bon Appetit (even Playboy) among the many.


He has Won

Culinarian of Year and has been  named Culinary Diplomat , has cooked for Presidents and members of congress. Was one of the 12 chefs chosen to celebrate the 3000th anniversary of Jerusalem where each chef created a Kosher dish for the King David Feast  

He does Charity work and supports March of Dimes, Meals on Wheels, Big Brothers & Sisters , Chef and the child , and is the National spokesman for Cystinsis.


So Chef Paul myself " The Tortilla Guy" and salute you !!!


Thanks for your Great work !!!


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master2006's picture
Chef Paul is great. Good to see you guys together. Tip: A pic is worth thousand words. Post he pic first and then write about it. That way pic goes in blog teaser and attracts people to read more.
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Hey MY blog magically changed itself to having the picture on the top The Tortilla Guy
Bxredman's picture
Go Chef Paul and The Tortilla Guy ! Chef Paul is Certainly one of the founders of the modern Food Industry here and a great Cajun style Chef I use the spices and blends all the time , nice going Steve
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Great Guy very Humble and cool !! The Tortilla Guy
pablooppy's picture
Hey Tortilla guy! Chef Paul and all of us should salute YOU!! It is YOU that are in videos with HOT latinas! It is you going around and introducing all of us to the Indian Mango guy, the Cholula guy, the Chile guy, the Burrito boy..I can write a book about what you have done for all of us at ifood and the industry!!! CHEF PAUL IS NOT ABOVE THE TORTILLA GUY!!!! YOU TORTILLA GUY.... ROCK...oh, and how can we all forget the MARGARITA LATINA GIRL???? THANKS TORTILLA GUY for making our food industry FUN again!! I SAY TO CHEF PAUL...BOW on your hands and knees to the TORTILLA GUY!!! PEACE OUT TO ALL!!
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Hey Pablo while I hear you that I have brought some really cool things to the table here at I am nowhere near an ICON that Chef Paul is !! He started it all and is not only a great Chef but a Great Man ! The Tortilla Guy
Tumaros.Tortilla's picture
Hey Tortilla Guy Maybe we could ask Chef Paul for some recipes !!!
CookingMyWay's picture
Awesome photo - It had to be very interesting to chat with him...
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Was really cool !!! I even have some magic seasoning !!! The Tortilla Guy
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
good to know about chef paul.....really he is great!
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
hey steve, good to know about chef paul.....really he is great! nice delicious picture!
Three.Marias's picture
Nice going Tortilla Guy ! Chef Paul has about 8 cook books out also ! And a place in New Orleans
shantihhh's picture
I always enjoy talking with Chef Paul Prudhomme. I remember the first time I met him in New Orleans years ago when he weighed at least 200# more than today. I took cooking classes from him at K-Paul's about 20 years ago. Loved eating in his once NYC restaurant-can't remember the name. His spices have changed greatly and the salt has been considerably reduced thank goodness.
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
He still has a very good but heavy hand with seasonings The Tortilla Guy
shantihhh's picture
Spice is always great, it was the heavy heavy salt, but he has reformilated, something about realizing health and our mortality I think.
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Chef Paul is still going strong and has lost alot of weight , but is getting on in years and you can tell, but he is a true Foodie The Tortilla Guy
rcsbriskethouse's picture
i Love that guy and his seasonings aren't too bad either RC's Brisket house and cateringRC's Keepin it real 
rcsbriskethouse's picture
i don't guess i've tried that one yet i'll have to check it out thanks for the tip RC's Brisket house and cateringRC's Keepin it real 
The Tortilla Guy & Chef Paul Prudhomme