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Thinking about product reviews. Today, we have Lydia's Organics, Fred Bisci's Enzymes and "The Tap" a GREAT book by Frank McKinney that I read in Honduras.
Lydia's organic seasoning: It's basically cracker crumbs that Lydia stores in a bottle. You can sprinkle it on anything of your choice. It tastes great with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.
The second recommended product is Fred Bisci's Enzymes. It is a combination of some powerful enzymes. It's all vegan and are present in powdered form. It can be taken empty stomach in the morning. 1 Tb. is sufficient to clean up some undigested proteins and other foods.
The last recommended thing is The Tap, a GREAT book by Frank McKinney. It's about the life style and forces affecting our life style.

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Lydia's Organic Products Review
In this video, Kevin is reviewing some of the organic products of Lydia. He is talking about Lydia's Organic Seasoning and Lydia's Organics. He is also talking about a book "The Tap" written by Frank McKinney. It is about lifestyle and factors affecting it.

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