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Review Of Chiang Mai Floating Restaurant Thailand

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We had a great lunch at our favorite garden restaurant. Come join us and see what your can order for under $10USD for 4 persons (not each).
1st dish is Tom Yam Goong. It is a shrimp soup that can be prepared with lemongrass, shrimps, straw mushrooms and chilies.
2nd one is Gaeng Khiew Waan Gai. It is a mushroom curry dish.
3rd dish is prepared with beef, soy sauce and bamboo shoots.
4th one is Phad Ga-Praw Gai. It is prepared with holy basil leaves, chilies and garlic.

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Chiang Mai Floating Restaurant Thailand
Chiang Mai Floating Restaurant is one of the famous restaurant in Thailand. It offers authentic dishes at fair prices. In this video, Randy Gaudet is reviewing Chiang Mai Floating Restaurant and doing lunch in just $10 for 4 persons.

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