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TOP 7 Vegan and Vegetarian blog sites!!

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I love vegetarian and vegan food but I hate compromising on the taste. I did a little hunting around on the ‘www’ for sometime for yummy and delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes that are big on taste and flavor and satisfy your wildest gourmet cravings.

These vegan and vegetarian blog sites look good, have great recipes for both simple meals and gourmet spreads with something for every season. The top 7 sites listed here are popular with vegans and vegetarians around the world.

I have to start off with the vegan blogs, as so many vegans out there search for the perfect balance of taste and whole nutrition. So here we go the top 7 great vegan and vegetarian recipe blogs:

Vegan yum yum: :This is the best vegan recipe blog that I have found in my wanderings. The recipes and pictures are worth the drool. These look so good. I even found a ‘mac and cheese recipe’ with ‘vegan cheese’. Worth that click of a mouse! Sandwiches, appetizers, pasta, soups, baked goodies… its all here. Dig in!

FatFree Vegan Kitchen: :  Beautifully photographed; fatfree vegan has substantial and growing collection of vegan recipes. The photos are so good in themselves that you may want to dive headlong to the page…!! Check out this curried tempeh sushi photo… I don’t have words to describe its petite beauty! (made popular on stumble upon)

Veg cooking
: This is a transitional blog site that has mostly vegan recipes. This site is also affiliated with PETA. Most of the recipes are vegan but you may find some vegetarian recipes also. They are all categorized into meals and courses and by ingredients. It is perfect for home meals and even indulgent desserts! (made popular on stumble upon)  

101Cookbooks: This is where I move on to the vegetarian blog sites. 101 Cookbooks is a 5 year old and counting California based food blog that features mostly vegetarian recipes. It has a feel good and simple look along with simple yet alluring food photography. An all time favorite blog site.

RecipeDelights : It’s a purely self indulgent addition, I have to admit. I love Indian cuisine and there are so many dishes to choose from… and they are all vegetarian! From nargisi koftas (veg meatballs) to shahi paneer (curried cottage cheese) to tandoori rotis (flatbreads cooked in tandoor) and navratan kormas (creamy mixed vegetables) …it is all here in the vegetarian section. Finger licking good with no chicken or Kentucky associations… its 100% Indian baby! And guess what there are multi-lingual translations of recipes available here. Does it get any better?!

RecipeZaar: : This website is not entirely dedicated to vegetarian recipes but it has members around the globe who keep on adding to the vegetarian recipe database. You can never run out of recipes on the Zaar! I have rarely typed in a recipe in Recipezaar with no results. It is almost like a recipe genie and an established recipe website. Last time I checked it had 44, 980 vegetarian recipes in its collection. Most of the recipes are also reviewed and rated and you will get plenty of variations to choose from. The reviews by members with each rated recipe are very helpful too.

All Recipes: : I would have to give my last vote of confidence to this site. It is not an exclusive vegetarian website but I would be lying and biased to say that it doesn’t contain a worthy collection of vegetarian recipes for all occasions. Reviewed and rated by members like Recipezaar, this site also has different versions of the site for USA, Canada, UK and Ireland, Australia and new Zealand, Germany and France. The page remains by default as the version for USA. Choose your language and version and get started on exotic vegetarian dishes!

Now for the honorary mention of those sites which were not included in the list but are still pretty damn good and are worth digging into. Here, I would have to list a favorite website of mine. It is all about Indian cuisine and vegetarian dishes and very popular on stumble upon and I often cook up recipes from its collection:

Another website that I found is VegWeb. It is also a site with members who contribute recipes to it. Check it out and you might like it: or (takes you directly to the recipes page). PHPSESSID=f825a98b85375f7d4ebe4e76720914fc&action=recipes

Hope all the vegans and vegetarians who visit find the glorious and green ‘Top 7’ helpful! Cheers!!!

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TOP 7 Vegan And Vegetarian Blog Sites!!