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Kick Off Party for the Campaign, Peanuts - Energy for the Good Life

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Everyone loves peanut butter! Monica learns more about peanuts at the kick-off party for The National Peanut Board's new campaign "Peanuts: Energy For The Good Life."

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All About Peanuts
Everyone loves peanut butter! Monica learns about peanuts at the kick-off party for The National Peanut Board's new campaign "Peanuts: Energy for the Good Life." If you also wanna learn more about the peanuts, watch out the video where chefs are giving more information about the peanuts.

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Monica thats a very informative video on peanuts. With the recent peanut scare, this is one good informative video. There is so much one can do with peanuts as u mentioned; salads, sandwiches and a whole delicious spread. A rich source of protein the peanuts are my favorite nuts.
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Yes, as opposed to the popular notion that peanurs are fattening, this is a great way to promote the same. Although I don't enjoy them much, I love to chew on them when toasted. But boiled peanuts are the best source of energy one can have, although it doesn't taste as good as its toasted counterparts.
Monica's picture
Thanks. I really love pranut butter so I was in heaven!
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Peanut spread is my favorite as a child, even now it is! Its yum! Glad to view the peanut fact file.. thanks for sharing the video :)
foodpsychologist's picture
The rich brown peanut spread is a favorite of many. Some health and figure freaks might have shied away from peanuts and the butter till now, but you video's sure to wipe away all the misconceptions and be a good reason for carefree consumption of peanuts
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oopsi... foodpsychologist seemed to have some problems with the page... :) i love peanuts.. they are so common yet so nutritious and roasted & salted warm peanuts are too good to resist.. especially in winter. its a great snack too.
Kick Off Party For The Campaign, Peanuts - Energy For The Good Life Video, All About Peanuts