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Hit Gadget - Self Stirring Mug - Soldout

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  532351-self-stirring-mug.73062wid180Wanna know how many people are sick of using spoons and stirs?Judging by the popularity of this mug - so many that it rapidly sold out. Smart idea huh! It has a miniature battery-operated propeller at the bottom of the well that spins at 3,000 rpms at the touch of a button on the handle. Some if the value proposition cited by the retailer are eliminating the need to dispose stirrers or find a place to leave coffee-dampened spoons.The site is here, but it is currently sold out.

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Innovative, no need to stir at all. But isn't all this taking us from lazy to a lazier state. Guess what they would come up with next? Is technology doing us good or is it creating more negative impacts?
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My lord! Have people gone so lazy to at least stir a mug of coffee or tea! :) anyways, thanks to technology in making us lazier day by day. Anyways interesting read!
Hit Gadget - Self Stirring Mug - Soldout