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About Organic Spirits at the Fancy Food Show

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Royal Warrant – Organic Spirits
The Prince of Wales has appointed London & Scottish International Ltd as Supplier of Organic Spirits effective 1 January 2007.

HRH Three Feathers Arms will appear on our Organic Spirits products over the next few months.

I should like to thank all our customers, suppliers and service providers who have helped us create the market for these products since their introduction in Autumn 1999.

Yours sincerely

Chris Parker

Managing Director

The Organic Spirits Company

In March of 2000 Maison Jomere embarked on a unique project with our supplier in Britain , The Organic Spirits Company, and that was to market Organic Spirits. We are pioneers in the spirit industry with the only line of fully certified organic spirits. All our spirits are fully certified in both Great Britain (Soil Association) and the United States (CCOF).

There is a discernable difference in the quality of the organic spirits, which have won International Awards at Gold, Silver and Bronze levels against the famous International Brands every year of our existence. In the United States our Juniper Green Organic Gin has been awarded a GOLD MEDAL with Exceptional next to its name status by the Chicago Beverage Institute.

Like any new category Organic Spirits has taken time to become established. However, little by little using the marketing techniques of “Hand Selling” and “Word of Mouth” we have been able to effect market penetration in key markets. The outstanding characteristics of all our Organic Spirits are their smoothness and that there is no need for charcoal filtering.

What most consumers don’t know, charcoal filtering is not a good thing. It is necessary because when spirits distilled, using harsh, industrial yeasts, they leave some congeners in the liquid that are harmful. In order to rid the spirit of these nasty congeners, a charcoal filter is used. The more congeners in the spirit, the more times it needs filtering. Of course when you filter out the bad you also take out some of the good and as a result you will end up with a non- descript product.

Our UK5 Organic Vodka and Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin have no need for charcoal filtering and it is for this reason we have the smoothest distillate ever produced. Smell our vodka, there is no alcohol aroma, just pure clean fragrance. Since gin is produced from Vodka, there are no nasty aromas to get in the way of our botanicals and we therefore produce a wonderfully fragrant product that excites the nose and taste buds.

Since our spirits are so clean and full of flavor they are an excellent ingredient for cooking. If you would like to see some recipes go to the British site on our Juniper Green page and click on recipes for cooking.

A better way to learn about cooking with our Organic Spirits is to watch Taste This TV on television this coming year. We are extremely proud to announce that Chef Joseph Ciminera has chosen our spirits to use in his kitchen and asked that we become a sponsor of his show.

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Organic Spirits At Fancy Food Show - An Overview
Organic Spirits has been introduced into the market in autumn 1999. There is a discernable difference in the quality of the organic spirits, which have won International Awards at Gold, Silver and Bronze levels against the famous International Brands every year of their existence. Steve, the Tortilla Guy, at Fancy Food Show in New York City, is talking to the representatives of the Organic Spirits and learns more about these. If you are also interested in knowing about these spirits, you should not miss the video!

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Great stuff , your body a temple ? Is this sold around here yet ?
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Why Purchase Organic Spirits Because there are no fertilizers used the spirit produced is smooth with very little burn to the taste. The need to polish , clean or charcoal filter after distillation is not needed with organic spirits as they arrive from the still as clean and pure as possible. Non organic spirits need to be charcoal filtered more than once due to the impurities within the spirit after distillation. Obviously the more you use the charcoal filter to rid the impurities the more you lose the individual character of the spirit. Organic Spirits contain extremely low levels of methanol As we do not use fertilizers or pesticides we are promoting sustainable resources, which we feel is very important and necessary to the longevity of our planet. Our growers receive more money for their grain and sugar cane. That money in many instances is channeled into the promotion and education of the benefits of organic farming. Presently we are the only line of organic spirits that actually carry an official Soil Association Seal on our label. Early in 2004 we will have two Soil Association Seals, one from the United States and one from The United Kingdom. Our Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin and Papagayo Organic Spiced Rum are produced in the United Kingdom in two of the industrial smallest industrial stills to be found in England. These two still cleverly named Tom Thumb and Thumbelina produce a poultry 500 liters of alcohol per day. Our production may not equal the large mass produced spirits but our hand crafted approach allows us to make a spirit of exceptional quality and character. Over the past four years we have won many awards for excellence including many gold medals for both Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin and UK5 Organic Vodka. (Click here to see our Awards Page) Our newest product Papagayo Organic Spiced Rum is a full spirit that is produced at 40% alcohol unlike our competition who produces at between 35 to 37.5% alcohol. This is possible because the spirit from organically grown sugar cane is a pure, smooth distillate that can take a 40% bottling strength thereby making a full flavored spiced rum without artificial flavor enhancements. At an average retail price of $19.99 per bottle, our Organic Spirits are reasonably priced compared to other super premium products that are far higher in price. Visit our UK site and you will find many outstanding recipes for wonderful dishes that are fit for a Queen. Because we do not have need for charcoal filtering, our products keep their character and flavors thereby allowing them to be used in many food dishes. With non organic spirits this is not possible. The Tortilla Guy
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Go Organic !!!!
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Have you ever gone organic until you passed out then woke up and saw spirits? :-) Raquel
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We want to drink !! Bring us Vodka
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Interesting. But again it is very frustating not being able to ask questions directly to the vendors. They answer such questions at the food show and I am sure they can answer it here. Tortilla guy I am assuming you are not official rep of all these companies. Kindly convey my frustation to them and have someone available to answer our questions.
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Some of them take it upon themselves to set this up faster than others as you can see Chef Yvonne and A & G trading have been fast to use this site and let us know about them. Some other take work, for any info that you need drop me a line, although I did talk to the gentleman in the interveiw yesterday and they said that they would opena page shortly, also as did the frozen herb guy. I am happy to help you in any way that I can The Tortilla Guy
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A new drink on the list of "drinks to try" for this happy Irish man! Chaz
Raquel's picture
Hey Chaz, Make sure to stay off the stage at BB Kings when you try these drinks! Raquel
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Sounds like a great organic drink! Must try it some time. Kewl video! Raquel's picture
Organic spirits is a product that's up my alley. Another great ad video man. Chris
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Hey we have to put good stuff into our bodies .... so if we are going to drink this is the one The Tortilla Guy
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I'm too young to drink but at 21 I'm drinking this good stuff J
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Go Organic The Tortilla Guy
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Wow, i didnt even know abt organic spirits !!! boy o boy !
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organic rules, and even w/wine, gjeepers I bet 100 years ago everything was organc. Shanti/Mary-Anne
About Organic Spirits At The Fancy Food Show Video, Organic Spirits At Fancy Food Show - An Overview