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Steve, the tortilla guy and chef yvonne at the Fancy Food Show

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Have you checked the funny video of Steve- the Tortilla Guy and me, chef Yvonne. The blue guy in the middle didn't had much to say, but we had a blast.
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Hey Chef Yes great video !! I was in the Philly area for a business call last week and went to a couple places which I will be giving a fast view and report on in my review blog and forum. no camera's I am waiting to set up a tour with you !!! The Tortilla Guy
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Yes, let explore Philly soon! That will be a fun trip, not only for us, but for all ifoodtv-members to see. Chef Yvonne
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Yes Chef I was there for business last week and went to a really great old Fashioned Ice cream palor !!! They made all their own ice cream , The Franklin Fountain but I would love a tour with The Chef who knows ! The Tortilla Guy
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Enjoy life to the fullest, and hopefully in health and happiness! - Yvonne Stephens
Steve, The Tortilla Guy And Chef Yvonne At The Fancy Food Show