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Chef Vyonne on Her Latest Cookbook, Say Cheese

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Enjoy life to the fullest, and hopefully in health and happiness!
That is my idea about life, especially after I moved to the USA in 1995 and we opened a gym. Our members loved it. No skinny girls in even smaller outfits, just fun, friendship and fun exercise combined with a non-restricted diet.
Only Applebees next door was more popular than we were, so after a few years we had to close the door after spending all our savings.
I went to Europe to see my (ex) brother-in-law Bill and his wife. He has cancer and it was the last time I saw him.
On my way back home, I decided to help people to live a healthier life with food.
That is why I wrote my first book "Amazing 7 Minute Meals"... You make all your healthy food in 7 minutes or less.
Take a look at my favorite recipe and you see for yourself that my recipes are easy to make with ingredients you can get at any grocery store.
My second book "Say Cheese" has healthy gourmet recipes prepared with Dutch cheese. We Dutch eat cheese every day, but in moderation, and the combination with spices, herbs, fresh veggies, meat, fish and low-glycemic carbs, it is a delicious, guilt-free meal that will satisfy everybody!
Check my website: for more information or to get your own signed copy or "Amazing 7 Minute Meals" and "Say Cheese".
Let me know what you think about my books, and if you need help losing weight the healthy way, just email me:
- Yvonne Stephens

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Interview With Chef Vyonne At Fancy Food Show
Chef Vyonne is known for her recipe books like "Amazing 7 Minute Meals", "Say Cheese", etc. She wants people to live a healthier life with food. Steve, the Tortilla Guy, is talking to the chef at Fancy Food Show in the New York City, where they discussed about chef’s books and what is there inside the book. If you also want to know about the healthy and quick to make recipes, watch out the video!

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Chef Vyonne On Her Latest Cookbook, Say Cheese Video, Interview With Chef Vyonne At Fancy Food Show