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About Hola Fruta, Pure Fruit Sherbet, At The Fancy Food Show

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Smile...and say ¡Hola!
¡Hola Fruta!™ is the new super premium, all natural, pure fruit sherbet from Pierre's!

¡Hola Fruta!™ is:

Naturally low in fat
Cholesterol free
Made with Antioxidant Rich Fruits and Real Fruit Purees
Available in 7 delicious flavors:
Piña Colada
Pomegranate & Blueberry
¡Hola Fruta!™ is:

Naturally low in fat

Cholesterol Free

Made with Antioxidant Rich Fruits and Real Fruit Purees

Also Known as: 
Hola Fruta At Fancy Food Show Review
Hola Fruta is the new super premium, all natural, pure fruit sorbet from Pierre's! It is made with antioxidant rich fruits and real fruit Purees. In the video, Steve, the Tortilla Guy, is talking to its representative at Fancy Food Show in the New York City. If you want to know more about the delicious and healthy Hola Fruta sorbet, don’t miss the video!

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Raquel's picture
Hey Tortilla Guy, Sounds mouth watering! Have to try it sometime! Raquel
Home.Chef.Angel's picture
I must try these fruit sherbets! Thanks for the video man. Angel
Bxredman's picture
Looks Great can I find it in New York ?
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
This was some really great stuff with cool flavors, I love ice cream or sherbert on a hot and humid day...... welcome summer 2007 go take over the food internet world The Tortilla Guy
Tumaros.Tortilla's picture
Lets figure out how to make this work with a dessert Tortilla
Three.Marias's picture
Hola Fruta Yo Carre Helado
Good.Cook's picture
Sounds like good healthy sherbet should try it some day Chaz
Raquel's picture
Hey Chaz, How about a sherbet and organic spirits float? We gotta try it some time! :-) Raquel
shantihhh's picture
Ah to be in India or Thailand nd gorge on those yummy tropical fruits.
pablooppy's picture
Hey tortilla guy, I would love to say hola to her and try her fruta with your tortilla!!! Any flavor is fine.
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Pablo it is about the ice cream !!! The Tortilla Guy's picture
If its healthy then Fruta Fancy is for me! Gotta try it some time! Chris
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Very Much so , and tastes great The Tortilla Guy
Jerry's picture
Looks like a good snack i gotta try it someday. J
Bxredman's picture
Still looking for it but can't find it in the Northeast !!
frances.morales's picture
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
And hispanic flavors it doesn't get better !!! The Tortilla Guy