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About Metromint at the Fancy Food Show

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pure. simple. mintwater.
Metromint is refreshment, simplified. Purified water meets real
mint to satisfy your thirst, rejuvenate your body and revive your soul.
That’s it —no calories, sweeteners or preservatives.

Metromint doesn’t just taste fresh, it feels fresh. Mint stimulates
the brain to open your senses and send cooling sensations throughout your body—we call this The Chill Factor. And Metromint keeps your
cells hydrated and happy so they (and you) can thrive.

The unique, all natural benefits of Metromint now come in four vibrant varieties: super cool Peppermint, subtle Spearmint, bright Lemonmint
and juicy Orangemint. Take a sip, and chill.

it takes hard work to make something so simple
We start with the best mint in the world. Real mint. Fresh, flavorful, pesticide-free mint grown in Washington State’s Yakima Valley. Then it’s distilled in a double-distillation process that steams the leaves until we reach the true essence of the mint. We test for taste, and then test again for purity.

We pump our water from the Sierra Nevada and filter it for the highest degree of purity using reverse-osmosis. It leaves all the good stuff, and filters out the bad, including salts, impurities, and particles as small as an ion. What’s left is a blank canvas, so all you taste is the mint.

When it comes to Metromint, our standards are so high, we couldn’t trust just anyone to bottle Metromint. So we bought our own bottling plant, and converted it to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that exceeds even the most exacting standards of the USDA.

Every bottle that rolls off the Metromint bottling line is laser etched with an honest, easy-to-read freshness date stamp. Our bottling process may be secret, but our commitment to quality is not.

Metromint is the brain-child of Rio Miura and Scott Lowe. Miura was born in Japan and has a background in product and fashion design. She conceived the recipe for Metromint and designed the label and bottle. Lowe, a Stanford graduate with a degree in International Relations, is responsible for product development and manufacturing. Together the two formed Soma Beverage Company in a loft in San Francisco’s South of Market district (SOMA), a neighborhood that is home to artists, high-tech start-ups, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Combining the purest ingredients with innovative packaging and extraordinary taste, Metromint single-handedly created a new beverage category called mintwater. Metromint already has a loyal following. Four years in the making, Metromint was introduced to the public at the New York Fancy Food Show in 2004. Since then it has been flying off shelves. In 2004 Peppermint won BevNet’s best new product award. And in 2006 Spearmint won a Best New Beverage Award at the Natural Products Expo West.

What is Metromint?
Metromint is mintwater, nothing but pure water and real mint.

What is different about your products?
Our mint gives you a cooling sensation when you drink it, and you get all the natural health benefits of mint.

Why mint?
Mintwater is very refreshing.

Why should I drink it, are there any benefits?
Refreshing cooling sensation, soothes stomach, calms, freshens breath, hydrates.

Mint flavored water?
It's not a flavor, we use real mint.

Is it mint oil?
We use the essential oil from mint; that's why you get the natural cooling sensation and the health benefits of mint.

How do you get the mint in the product?
It's a trade secret. We use water and real mint.

Why Reverse Osmosis water?
We wanted to create a blank canvas so that the real mint is what you taste.

Does it have sugar?
No sugar and no sweeteners of any kind.

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Metromint At Fancy Food Show - An Overview
Metromint is mint water refreshment without having any calories, sweeteners or preservatives. Steve, the Tortilla Guy is talking to a representative of the metromint, who is telling him all about the metromint. If you are also interested in knowing about the metromint, you should not miss the video!

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About Metromint At The Fancy Food Show Video, Metromint At Fancy Food Show - An Overview