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About Cosmic Chocolates at the Fancy Food Show

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Walking the show, I stopped and tasted this chocolate and wow incredible it made my knee's weak !!!
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With a new day rising and a cosmic journey ahead, we invite you to join us towards an explosive affair of the senses. As we explore the aesthetic world, it is our purpose to enhance and stimulate the living environment Engaging the senses and invoking the spirit, fusing tangible and surreal, we are transformed by the most primal pleasure-taste. It is our vision to create luscious bites of elation and share with you our feelings of desire, expectancy, and satisfaction.

Cosmic Chocolate
Ecstasy.. Art.. Flavor

Contact info:

Carly Baumann
Cosmic Chocolate
5002 B Telegraph Ave.
Oakland CA. 94609

toll free.877.612.2639

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Cosmic Chocolates At Fancy Food Show - An Overview
Walking the Fancy Food Show in New York, Steve, the Tortilla Guy, stopped and tasted the cosmic chocolates. He finds the chocolates simply incredible. If you want to know more about these cosmic chocolates, don’t miss the video!

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About Cosmic Chocolates At The Fancy Food Show Video, Cosmic Chocolates At Fancy Food Show - An Overview