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John Taglieri Review of J.P. Ryan's Tavern

John Taglieri, an independent musician - is also too fond of touring around the world and trying a variety of dishes all over the world. In this video, he takes the opportunity to review the popular joint of Massachusetts - J P Ryan's Travern.

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Brutally.Delicious's picture
This is the first in what I hope is a long string of Brutally Delicious, On The Road episodes. Enjoy it and please stop by and listen to John's music and the music of L.A. Calling.
Kathryn.Uncensored.Maouris.Qui's picture
Now I'm hungry!! GREAT idea to showcase places that offer food AND music. Guy Fieri, move over!
Brutally.Delicious's picture
Hey Kathryn, thanks for stopping by. This is sort of a work in progress with the hopes of showcasing good music and food in many different forms from artists cooking to this sort of restaurant review show. PLease stop back frequently and spread the word. Cheers Bruce
John Taglieri Review Of J.P. Ryan's Tavern Video