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Michael Symon’s ‘Carnivore’ – A Treat For Meat Lovers

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Michael Symon, the American culinary expert wears many hats. He has been hailed as one of US’s best chefs, restaurateur, cookbook authors, and television personality so far. Now the host of ‘Melting Pot’ is back with his brand new book, Carnivore which revolves completely around meat.


The book is surely a novelty as almost all culinary works before have been focused mainly on healthy eating or vegan and vegetarian delicacies. Symon, though is a hard-core flesh eater and has absolutely no qualms in admitting his preference. "I'm Michael Symon, and I love meat!" However, he is undecided about whether he can attribute his love for animal flesh to his caveman like good looks or to his typically Midwestern upbringing. Whatever be the cause, 'Carnivore' is likely to make a fascinating read about indigenous and creative recipes that elevate chicken, beef, lamb and rabbit meat to works of art.


The book is due to hit the stands on the 16th of this month. You can also get a sneak peek and order it online by going to the Amazon website. 

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Michael Symon’s ‘Carnivore’ – A Treat For Meat Lovers