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My Sweet Hottie Dip, Glaze & Dressing - Natural Sweet and Sour Pepper Sauce

An all-natural, authentic, locally-made Asian sweet & sour chili sauce is here -- finally! My Sweet Hottie Dip, Glaze & Dressing is low-sodium, gluten-free, fat-free and made with farm fresh, Georgia-Grown ingredients (not powdered or dried) like juicy peaches, local honey, chilies and fresh ginger, this family recipe is truly authentic, natural and local!

More flirt than bite, it's a mild tangy sauce that is not gooey-sweet with high fructose corn syrup fillers, MSG or salt, like leading imported brands. Parents are happy and kids love it, too! This versatile dip, dressing and glaze is good on almost everything, from glazed chicken and fish to salads and sandwiches!

Explore the sweet and sour heaven with My Sweet Hottie, dip , dressing and glaze. This product is a take on the classic Asian inspired sweet chili sauce with the exception of not being loaded with sodium, MSG or sugar. A perfect compliment for savory snacks to dip on or a perfect glaze for meat, poultry and sea food just before you are ready to throw them on the grill. Check out the video to know more.

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My Sweet Hottie Dip, Glaze & Dressing - Natural Sweet And Sour Pepper Sauce Video