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It's Your Turn To Bake With Aplomb

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Baking bread

How many times have you thrown away the less-than-desirable results of your baking attempts? Someone here empathizes with you on this account and he has decided to help you out of your quandary. His name is Ken Forkish, who is an acclaimed baker himself and, now, the man behind the book, "Flour Water Salt Yeast."


If you are already a pursuant of bread baking techniques, you would know what those four words in the book title mean. Yes, when baked in the right amount and the right manner, these four words result into that wonderful one word - bread.


Forkish uses a lot of questions and answers to come up with the right technique to make you a master of bread baking. He talks of dough temperature (yes, the dough sitting on the kitchen counter has a temperature of its own), folds (i.e., how many times did you fold your dough), pre-ferment (before you begin mixing the dough), and the temperature, steam and time of baking.


The author basically breaks down the bread-baking process into smaller steps, describing each step in detail. The result is a pro-like approach to making bread. Now, if you are keen to get your hands at it, all you have to do is buy the book. You will bake bread like a master!



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It's Your Turn To Bake With Aplomb