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The Big Apple, NYC: The Best of Lower East Side

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Today's adventure: the Lower East Side of Manhattan; filled with diversity, food, and shopping. CiCi started her day at the well known Thompson Hotel, then Dessert Truck Works, Tenement Museum, Shang Restaurant, ll Labratorio del Gelato, Earnest Sewn, Economy Candy, and finally party at La Vie!

CiCi is back with a complete review of the Lower East side of Manhattan, NYC in this one.New York,is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Every neighborhood offers an interesting concoction of ethnicity and modernity.The Lower East Side is no exception. Cici starts off by spending the night at the Thompson Hotel and checks out the Dessert Truck Works for breakfast.She moves on to the Tenetment Museum, Shang Restaurant for lunch, II Labratorio del Gelato for dessert and finally ends up partying at La Vie. Check out her adventure in this video.

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The Big Apple, NYC: The Best Of Lower East Side Video