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20 Layer Cake at Lady M in Uptown New York

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After her delicious lunch, Cici went looking for equally amazing dessert. Her tastebuds and Yelp suggested the incomparable Lady M, where you find the most wonderful cakes on Earth. CiCi fell in love with the Mille Crepe and Chocolate Cake; a surprisingly light stack of twenty crepes forming a single cake. For an extra treat, she got to meet up with one of CiCi's NYC Diary writers: Mark Levy, who ordered the Green Tea Mousse cake. He probably knew the other writer Ian Blei would be equally green with envy back in San Francisco.

Cici of Food Paradise TV finds herself in the gourmet cake shop Lady M in Manhattan in this video. The cakes here are works of art in themselves. Baked with the finest of ingredients and classical French techniques, they are way lighter and subtle than any run of the mill cakes found elsewhere. Cici tries their signature creations like the 20 Crepes cake.Watch the video if your sweet tooth needs some indulgence.

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20 Layer Cake At Lady M In Uptown New York Video