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Dad's Awesome Grilling Book

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Bob Sloan's ultimate tribute to the glory of dads and their grills shows how easy it is to transform fresh ingredients into 100 sizzling, delicious dishes like Honey-Glazed Spareribs, Lamb Burgers, and Grilled Sweet Potatoes. This essential grilling book serves up tips on keeping it simple when it comes to tools, how to choose between charcoal and gas, and why no one can ever have too many serving dishes.

Dads love to cook on the grill because there is no complicated cooking or ingredients needs and the outcome is most of the time delicious. The chef in the video therefore has put together this book "Dad’s Awesome Grilling Book" keeping his dad in mind. He also shares some grilling ideas with the viewers for some firsthand information on grilling and has a guacamole on the sides to go with the skirt steaks and the grilled potatoes.

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Dad's Awesome Grilling Book Video