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Mastering the Grill

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Mastering the Grill (Chronicle Books) is a literal title the book contains everything you need for total grill knowledge, that is, how to grill everything that can be grilled. This video highlights a few recipes from Andrew Schloss and David Joachims 416-page tome, including strip steaks cooked directly on the coals, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, and a dessert pie of orange mascarpone topped with strawberries. Watch them use a leafblower to blow off the ash from the coals!

Books on grilling recipe are many but this ' Mastering The Grill" emphasizes on grilling foods in all kinds of grills. Whether its a coal grill or an electric grill, you name it and it has the technique for it. If you have never tried grilling directly on coal, this video will inspire you to do so.

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Mastering The Grill Video