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Restaurant Review of Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen in Pittsburgh

Attention... will the real Food Hounds please stand up! Why? Because ole' Brim is here to tell you about another tight spot in Pittsburgh that literally knocked our socks off! When you think of Authentic Latin Cuisine, most people forget that there are a zillion different ways to skin a cat. Alma Pan Latin Kitchen takes this theory to a new level by excelling in old favorites and new specialties by offering a menu that spans across all of Latin America! Every culture is represented from Puerto Rican to Dominican, all the way to Cuban... and then some! When you come into this house... you better come hungry, because you’re about to eat like a King. The Food Hounds were in FULL effect with yours truly, Etan Wish, Mina Sanwald and Luscious; ready to see what all the rave was about!
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Restaurant Review Of Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen In Pittsburgh Video