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Chork – The Love Child Of Chopsticks & Fork

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ChorkHere is a blessing in disguise for those who have yet not learnt how to eat with chopsticks. Chork, the love child born out of fork and chopsticks, is here and it will allow you to have some peace of mind while you are struggling to eat with the chopsticks and a fork, all at the same time.


1) The Future of Eating?


Probably yes! Because the main conflict between the dining habits of the West and the East was centered on the chopsticks. People, who were not familiar with the use of chopsticks, used to shy away from Asian restaurants, where using chopsticks was either mandatory or common. More over, chopsticks held a kind of charisma to them so that when one could not use them to eat their favorite Asian dishes, one felt bad, almost dejected.


2) The Chork is Here!


The chork – the name is a take on fork and chopsticks – is here and it is proving to be very popular among diners. A cross between the two eating instruments, the chork is expected to keep the users of fork and chopsticks satisfied at the same time. Besides, it would also reduce the use of more cutlery on the table. Made with food grade Hi-impact Polystyrene, the Chork is available in colors black and red. These come individually wrapped, clear-packed cartons of 500. The Chork is a three-in-one utensil – fork, cheaters/trainers, and chopsticks.


3) The Makers


Brown Innovation Group (BIG), the Salt Lake City-based makers of the chork are all praise for their product, but obvious. Here is how they introduce their product, “The Chork can be used as a standard fork for those that desire the precision and effectiveness the fork provides. Just grab the two sticks and hold it like a fork! For those who want to venture out of their comfort zone and try something new. Use the sticks while adjoined together to practice with the trainer function of the chork. You will be a pro before you know it!” That means no more embarrassing moments at the Asian restaurants.


4) The Testimonials


If you thought people would be skeptic to use this inventive cutlery, you are wrong. Read the testimonials published on the Chork website and see how this invention is getting the thumbs up from all quarters:

  1. “That’s great, now my husband can use chopsticks with me and still be able to poke at the hard to pickup scraps.”
  2. “Yay! I don’t have to fumble with chopsticks or ask for a fork!”
  3. Speaking about the Chork, Silla Bjerrum, MD of the Feng Sushi group of Japanese restaurants, agrees, “It’s brilliant! This would be perfect for our Feng picnic box, great fun and perfect to eat both salads and sushi with. Perhaps the next step could be to make them with bio-degradable products?”


The Chork is a revolutionary cutlery in the area of Asian dining out and it is simple to use too, as the video below would explain. Have you already used it? What was your experience like? Write in with your comments:

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Chork – The Love Child Of Chopsticks & Fork