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Easter Cooking: Review

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Easter is the time for fun and some great food!  Easter Cooking by Rebecca Gilpin is a very popular cookbook which has been penned down just for this purpose. Anyone, looking forward to the most traditional and contemporary Easter delicacies need this book – Easter cooking will never be as easy. Here is a brief review of this wonderful book. Take a look!Easter Cooking by Rebecca Gilpin



Beautiful presentation:

  • This is one of the most beautifully presented cookbooks you will come across. There are 32 high quality shiny pages which are laid out in a 2 page format. Reading the book and trying out the different recipes is a complete pleasure.


Simple instructions:

  • Recipes are laid with title, list of ingredients and with quantities which makes cooking easy. The instructions are easy to understand and simply explained.


Plenty of tips:

  • The author has shared several cooking tips which are very helpful and are considered to be child-friendly too. Warnings and precautions along with safety tips make cooking simple for those who are not experts and trying out cooking for the first time. Precautionary lines like 'Be careful - the cakes will be hot' bring about a sense of security in the minds of the reader.


Colorful instructions:

  • Learning cooking becomes easy when recipes are available with illustrations and pictures. This book has it all – there are step by step pictures which are followed by simple to understand text, which makes learning a very rich experience.


This is one of those books which can be used as a reference not only during Easter but throughout the year.You just need to tweak the theme a bit and you will have some marvelous recipes to suit your purpose.


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Easter Cooking: Review