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Top 10 Canadian Cook Books

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If you have ever read through Canadian Cook Books you will agree that these are not just a collection of some of the most traditional recipes, but are also contains complete explanations on various methods of food preparation. Most of the books are valued treasures and passed on from one generation to another. Here are the top 10 from the vast repertoire of such books. 


1.      The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book (Classic Canadian Cookbook Series):

The Laura Second Canadian Cookbook

This is considered to be a primary book and offers basic instructions in a step by step manner. Recipes in this book are very simple to understand & easy to follow. This is one of the top selling books on Canadian cuisine at present.


2.      The Canadian Living Cookbook:

The Canadian Living Cookbook

Carol Ferguson has penned down several recipes in simple steps. Illustrative photographs and small details on ingredients, history of Canadian food and simple cooking techniques, explained in the book has made this very popular among the users.


3.      The All New Purity Cookbook (Classic Canadian Cookbook Series):

The All New Purity Cookbook

This is one of those books which offer recipes that are easy to follow. Ingredients used in most of the foods are quite common and easily available which makes the dishes household menu items. A few old fashioned recipes have been included in this book as well.



Other Best Canadian cook books:

1. 150 Delicious Squares (Companys Coming)

2. Ogilvie's Book for a Cook: Historical Notes by Elizabeth Driver (Classic Canadian Cookbook Series)

3. Five Roses Guide to Good Cooking (Classic Canadian Cookbook Series)

4. The Five Roses Cook Book (Classic Canadian Cookbook Series)

5. Kate Aitken's Canadian Cook Book (Classic Canadian Cookbook Series)

6. Robin Hood Cookbook (Classic Canadian Cookbook Series)

7. The Home Cook Book (Classic Canadian Cookbook Series)


Get your own copy of these top cook books and try out some of the most traditional as well as modern recipes from the region.


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