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Hot ‘n Sweet: Chocolate-Covered Jalapenos

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This one is going to top the list of weird foods very soon and it combines two of the most loved flavors, albeit in different categories. The chocolate-covered jalapenos are nothing short of an oxymoron, a contradiction as far as flavor groups go. One is sweet, the other fiery. However, the Chocolate Covered Company (CCC), which is marketing these things, thinks that these “crisp and juicy” treats are “a great way to make your mouth happy.”


1) Pepper and Chocolate?


The first thing that comes to your mind when you see the chocolate encased jalapenos is that why didn’t anyone think about it before. Well, pepper and sugar (in this case chocolate) have been combined over several occasions but only for a playful mischief, not as a seriously marketed commodity. However, guys at the CCC are serious about this combination of flavors, which they insist, is not for the faint-hearted, both verbally and financially.



2) Hot ‘n Sweet


The jalapenos used in this case are very fresh, therefore crisp to bite into. The chocolate is used in all three forms – white, milk, or dark. What’s more! The pepper is dipped into generous, not flimsy, layers of chocolate. However, that doesn’t mean that the jalapeno doesn’t bite back. It does and you would soon be reaching out for a glass of water after you take a quick bite into it. But at the end of the day, the experience is worth it. It has to be because it comes at a price tag of $60. 



3) Sweet ‘n Sweet


Since not each one of you is an adventurer as far as the taste buds are concerned, the CCC has also on shelves sweet peppers covered in chocolate, which, believe it or not, are actually delicious. These peppers, which are sweet in themselves, acquire a strangely delicious taste once covered in thick layers of chocolate, which is an added bonus. These sweet peppers ‘n chocolate could definitely be your choice as something to go with your drinks at a cocktail party. However, about the chocolate-covered jalapenos, nobody’s too sure.


Peppers are meant to be eaten separately from chocolate and it is not just a purist thought but also a reality for most of us. However, if you feel like tingling your taste buds more than usual, then you can surely order yourself a pack of these chocolate dipped jalapenos. The only saving grace is that the CCC delivers them to your doorstep.


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Hot ‘n Sweet: Chocolate-Covered Jalapenos