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Ridiculous Bacon Products In The Market

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Bacon saltBacon is the one thing that lands up at almost every breakfast plate in America every single morning. However, these ridiculous bacon products will have you jumping out of your seat in no time and not out of joy but disgust. People use bacon in chocolate, cupcakes, pasta, doughnuts, ice cream, even frosting, so you would think there is not end to what people can do with bacon. You couldn’t be more wrong:


1) Bacon Salt


These flavored salt crystals, which are available in pepper, original, hickory, and natural varieties, do nothing more than make everything taste like bacon. So use at your own convenience.


2) Gummy Bacon  Bacon gummy


This gum is like short bacon strips but fortunately, it tastes like gum candy, so it is a little safer to try.


Bacon Vodka3) Bacon Vodka


You may have had only berry and vanilla flavored vodka so far. So how about some bacon-flavored vodka too?


4) Bacon Envelopes Bacon envelope


Are you sure you want to send your letters in this one? Just beware that every time you lick them to seal them, it is not gum but bacon, which you will taste.


Bacon Floss5) Bacon Floss


This one had us laughing because seriously, you cannot really use this one if you want clean teeth, right? Bacon is something you eat after you have flossed, not before it.


6) Bacon Toothpicks Bacon toothpicks


Well if you did not have enough bacon at dinner, you can have some more while picking your teeth.


Bacon wristband7) Bacon Wristband


How about putting some bacon on your wrist and licking it too? Gross, right? Well, once you wear it, you won’t find it hard to do so.


8) Bacon Soap bacon soap


Ewwwwww is the first reaction people give when they face this. Really! A soap with bacon in it, you won’t know whether to eat it or take a bath with it.


Bacon figure9) Bacon Action Figures


The bacon in this set of action figures is the heroic “Mr. Bacon” while his nemesis is the cube-shaped “Monsieur Tofu.”


The bacon products can be delightful as well as ridiculous. Any way, bacon doesn’t stop surprising you in whichever way you have it. However, if you thought you had seen all about the ridiculousness of bacon, read about the bacon bra.


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Ridiculous Bacon Products In The Market