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Top 10 Spanish Cookbooks

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Spanish cuisine is one of the world’s best cuisines. You can now prepare the delicacies of this cuisine with the help of Spanish cookbooks that this blog recommends. From the classy tapas to the pastelerias and granizados as well as the traditional home recipes to the modern day delicacies, these cookbooks offer them all. Here is a list of the 10 best Spanish cookbooks available at present.


1. The Foods and Wines of Spain

The Foods and Wines of Spain


To keep it short, I can say that this is the best among the cooking books of Spanish cuisine. The books written by Penelope Casas are, by far, the best and the most sought after among the Spanish cooking guides. This book offers a superb collection of 400 classic recipes, each which reflect the authenticity and magnificence of traditional Spanish cooking. The book also offers a comprehensive view of the Sherries and wine this European nation has in its cradle. This versatile book has the potential to satiate the cravings of all the groups of cooks – from the amateurs to the ones who crave for perfectly precise ingredients as well as the relativists.


2. La Cocina de Mama: The Great Home Cooking of Spain

La Cocina de Mama: The Great Home Cooking of Spain

This book comes from an author who could undeniably be considered as the Spanish cooking guru, Penelope Casas. This book offers you a glimpse of the diversely versatile Spanish kitchens in an anecdotal fashion. The recipes featured in this book are time-tested ones, with equal contributions from home cooks as well as professional chefs. Irrespective of the region it comes, all the recipes mentioned in this book are quite appealing to the palate of the modern gen.


3. 1080 Recipes

1080 Recipes

Witten by Simon Ortega, this book is a definitive guide to authentic and classic Spanish home cooking. A book that has been in the market for more than 30 years, it features the recipes from the popular restaurants and tapas bars of the nation. Very well written with an exhaustive compilation, this books is a must include in the kitchen shelf of Spanish food lovers.


4. The New Spanish Table

The New Spanish Table


The epicenter of modern day Mediterranean cooking, Spain offers a wide array of luring delicacies. This book by Anya Von Bremzen offers recipes from the rustic, contemporary Spanish kitchens. To be more precise, the recipes are rustic, elegant, and exquisitely simple. Overall, this book is a celebration of the ever-tempting pleasures of a wonderful meal. With robust text and handy tips, this book gets even more appealing with the personified narration by the author.


5. The Cuisines of Spain: Exploring Regional Home Cooking

The Cuisines of Spain: Exploring Regional Home Cooking

An exploration of the classic home cooking by Teresa Barrenechea, this book offers about 250 recipes culled from friends and chefs across the nation. An overwhelming blend of unusual and extra-ordinary, yet easy and practical recipes, this book is a precious addition to your trove of cook books.


Other Top Spanish Cookbooks


Here are five more books that you should include in your cookbook collection…


  1. Tapas (Revised): The Little Dishes of Spain by Penelope Casas
  2. Paella!: Spectacular Rice Dishes From Spain by Penelope Casas
  3. Delicioso! The Regional Cooking of Spain by Penelope Casas
  4. My Kitchen in Spain: 225 Authentic Regional Recipes by Janet Mendel
  5. New Tapas: Culinary Travels With Spains Top Chefs by Fiona Dunlop


Each of the Spanish cookbooks mentioned in this blog is unique. Each of them also makes a great present. So, pick the one of your choice and start trying out the Spanish recipes now.


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Top 10 Spanish Cookbooks