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Be The Next Willy Wonka: Make Your Kitchen Your Laboratory

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Lakeland kitYou could end up as a real-life Willy Wonka by making your kitchen your laboratory. Feel encouraged by the outings of a new generation of chefs, who do not consider the culinary world to be a stuff that fairytales are made of. In fact, they go out and challenge every possible notion in the cookbooks and try to turn it on its head. For starters, bacon and egg ice cream, anyone? The Heston Blumenthals  of this generation are taking experimental cuisine to new heights and it is much more than just having a pineapple on your pizza. Interested? There's more to come. Read on... 


1) Things are About to Change


Starting with Lakeland, famous for the humble pie funnel and jelly mould, is showing the first signs of rebellion. The company’s latest product catalogue shows a £44.99 Cuisine R-Evolution Kit, which threatens to make Frankenstein chefs out of amateurs. Everybody can be a convert as long as they have belief, in their craziness and also in that of those around them. Read on to know more about such crazy ideas that can be floated with the help of this package.


2) The Evolution Kit


The Lakeland kit comes with everything a lab technician would be comfortable with and, as a result, it is pretty intimidating.  It contains five silver boxes containing chemicals with mysterious names. Xantham Gum, Sodium Alginate, Calcium Lactate, Agar-Agar, and Soya Lecithin would not be your usual choice of ingredients if you are cooking for your family and friends. Obviously, Lakeland doesn’t think so. The only saving grace in this ‘Pandora’s box” is a DVD, which makes some method out of this madness. The 50 recipes recorded on the DVD helps you blend the ideas together and give some shape to your cooking.


3) Gelification Lakeland projections


Gelification is the new branch of cookery, which is a neat inversion of the traditional Bloddy Mary cocktail. This gelified cocktail, mixed with the standard vodka, tomato juice, and Worcestershire sauce, is served in an indented celery stick, instead of a glass. Too experimental, perhaps?


4) Ketchup Caviar, Anyone?


Now, you can’t go wrong with caviar, right? Wrong, it seems that before the Lakeland kit, you were almost abusing your cooking abilities as far as this condiment is concerned. The kit shows you how to turn this condiment into tiny red and yellow jelly baubles and then loaded onto the burgers, with the bun on the side. The process of creating these caviar ketchup baubles was interesting but too cumbersome. Why can’t people just heap the caviar on a cracker or toast and just eat it?


5) Now for Some ‘Airy’ Dessert


The kit comes with instructions to make a “Frozen chocolate Wind.” Don’t worry, it is not a painful or smelly medical condition. Rather, it promises to be a kind of frozen bubbly chocolate and the recipe sounds very easy too. However, when it comes to blending the ingredients together and turning them into foam (remember, Wind?), things start to go bad.


All  in all, spending hours in the kitchen, trying to rustle up strange recipes may not be everybody’s cup of tea and before you lay your hand on this kit, ask yourself, are you ready to be the next Willy Wonka or should it be left to the select few?

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Be The Next Willy Wonka: Make Your Kitchen Your Laboratory