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McDonald’s Pumpkin Pie Review – The ‘Fall’ Pleasure

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Pumpkin PieThanksgiving has passed by and the next one is still far off so what do you do to recreate the fall pleasure for yourself? Of course, you go out and buy yourself a McDonald’s Pumpkin Pie, which will take you back into the pumpkin world. This review is to help you understand the  Pumpkin Pie  from McDonald’s better:-


1) Spices


The brown blend of spices that adorn the pie crust make you wonder why you cannot use spices like this at home. In fact, customers who have loved the pumpkin pie at McDonald’s want it to be present in all the pies produced by the world’s largest fast-food chain. The spice blend contains ginger, cloves, and nutmeg, among other things, which leave a deep flavor over the flavorless crust.


2) Flaky


The pie crust is flaky and as close to the real pumpkin pie crust as possible. Though, eating the McDonald’s pumpkin pie will not evoke for you’re the true images of the Thanksgiving but you will definitely feel nostalgic about the pumpkin pie eaten last year.


3) Filling


The pumpkin filling inside the pie came as a real dampener because it felt more like an afterthought. Although you would find the filling filled sufficiently inside the pie crust but the flavor is a little bland. The filling can take your focus off the delicious crust, so be forewarned.


Overall, this McDonald’s Pumpkin Pie review should not be detrimental to your choice, however, in a world full of over-sweetened shakes and desserts, you may want to go for this pie if you do not want too much of a sweet tooth for yourself!


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McDonald’s Pumpkin Pie Review – The ‘Fall’ Pleasure