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Fine Italian dining at Mitchell International Airport

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Travelers showing their despice of the lack of dining options at the Mitchell International Airport, Wisconsin are soon going to have a restaurant from the Bartolotta restaurant group. Bartolotta says, "it is going to open in mid-to late February".

Only the ticketed travelers will get this benefit coz; the italiano ristorante will be in the Midwest terminal.


In the breakfast menu, frittatas and pizzaswill be available. It will also have about a half-dozen panini, four entrées, six pastas and six pizzas from a brick oven.

The restaurant will also serve about 30 wines, out of which half - a dozen be the glass.

If a traveler is in hurry, he can have the grab-and-go gelato, panini and pizzas, which he can eat on the plane.

Bartolotta said, "our goal is to have somebody say, 'Wow, I had the best plate of pasta in the Milwaukee airport, of all places,' ".

Nona and Joe Bartolotta are also expecting to open a burger restaurant at Mitchell Airport sometime in the spring.

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Fine Italian Dining At Mitchell International Airport