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editor's picture as seen by Piyali Sur of CNN-IBN. What do you think of this video and

Also Known as: on is shown on the CNN-IBN news channel, hosted by Piyali Sur. She is talking about the food channel, what kind of recipes and other things you will find here on the site. If you wanna know more about, watch out the video and also take a walk through the website.

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Ganesh.Dutta's picture is Rocking now!Thanks Piyali Sur (CNN- IBN) for this nice coverage! members.... ...time is waiting for us! 
foodlover's picture
Here is some more press coverage The Wall Street Journal The Times of India The Hindustan Times Money Control
shakti's picture
OOOH! We are making it in the news big time. I love this.
Snigdha's picture in the news!!!. Tats gr88 going guys!!!
Alpana.Mathur's picture
that's a great combination of broadcast media & new media. congratulations and best wishes for ifood tv team!
sonali's picture
Well done proud to be a part of it!
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Thanks to CNN-IBN ..i came across this wonderful site....
Hyde.Ray's picture
this is great! congrats team.My version of includes what has been said in video, but I want to add that has an amazing foodie network which many people don't realize. 500 folks are watching while only 10 are signed in. these guys don't know what they are missing out.
kpratishnair's picture
Great coverage .. Hyde you are right. I too want ifood to also be recognized as a foodie network. Keep up the great work ifood.. !!!
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Congrats to great stuff !!! keep up the good work all.The Tortilla Guy
kshitiz.shekhar's picture
Many Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats really amazing. Proud to be a part of this website. will keep working towards achieving a new heights. Best of luck to all related to this unique website.
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this is very cool!!!  :)  i fxxking love ifood & ifood members!!!  :)
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keep rocking !!!...
chefnidhi's picture
Congrats!!!!!  keep it up guyz......
Vera.Schmidt's picture
Great ...iFood.Tv congrats team.
Vibs's picture
great job Ifood team.....every thing on the rox....
Melissa's picture
Woohoo! Watch iFood conquer the world one continent at a time!
HitokiriSojiro's picture
Great New keep it up Team......
showmethecurry's picture
This is fantastic guys! Great coverage. Co-Hosts: Hetal and Anuja
Lovetocookalot's picture
This is so exciting!! How wonderful for us all to be a part of it
pavithraaravind's picture
interested n recipes...hai to all..
vikas.kumar's picture
Great going ifood! Nice comprehensive coverage n great anchoring.
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
Rocking always!
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Love the community here on The only site on the net that is so international! Great Going.
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Wow! we got a coverage in CNN, now that's fabulous! But there's nothing to be shocked, coz we simply deserve it! lol
รถมือสอง's picture
Great going ifood! Nice comprehensive coverage n great anchoring.
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