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An Interview with Chef Curt at The National Restaurant Association in Chicago

Chef Moosehopper has developed his very own exclusive line of gourmet specialty products!! All made with da moose's secret, all-natural intelligent ingredients.

What are Chef Moosehopper's secret Intelligent Ingredients? Well, they're not the usual gourmet or health food store ingredients. No siree!

Our products are chock full of nutrients and so-your-body-good ingredients.

But what about taste, you ask? Ha - our pure gourmet specialty products will make your taste buds clap and sing and your body do the cha-cha vandango!

Okay, okay... maybe you won't do the cha-cha vandango, but with ingredients this delicious and healthy, your body has to do something happy!

About Chef Moosehopper

Chef Kurt Stiles...
the man, the moose!

Let me tell you all a story 'bout a man named Kurt... who met a moose back in the 1990's named Moosehopper, who was one heck of a smart chef. His food was fun, tasty AND very healthy to eat.

Kurt was impressed.

"Dood," said Kurt. "Your food is so fun, tasty and healthy... I feel as strong as a moose!! How do you do it?"

"Ah," replied Moosehopper, "those are the secrets of intelligent cooking. It uses intelligent ingredients! My father taught me, and his father taught him."

"Teach me, oh wise and funky Moosehopper," Kurt cried. "I know I can cook intelligently and stay strong as a moose if I really try!!"

The appeal worked! Moosehopper began teaching Kurt his secrets of intelligent cooking with intelligent ingredients. Soon Kurt was cooking as intelligently as a moose -- so much so that Moosehopper suggested Kurt open a cafe of his own.

"Me? Open a cafe?" asked a doubting Kurt.

"If you build it, they will come," replied Moosehopper, wisely.

Kurt took the advice. He built a log cabin cafe and called it "Cafe Moosehopper" in honor of the moose who had taught him all. It was a big hit. People of all ages flocked to Cafe Moosehopper.

"Dood," they said, "Your food is so fun, tasty and healthy... we feel as strong as a moose!! How do you do it?"

"Ah," replied Kurt, "those are the secrets of intelligent cooking with intelligent ingredients that I learned from Chef Moosehopper."

"Teach us," they replied. "We know we can cook intelligently and stay strong as a moose if we really try!!"

Which leads us to today...

Yes, it's true! Oh, happy day!! Kurt is finally ready to teach the entire world how to cook intelligent food that's fun, tasty and healthy. He's going to spill the beans about every secret he knows of intelligent cooking with intelligent ingredients!! He's going to make everyone on the planet as strong as a moose!!!

So, get ready, waiting wimpy world -- here he comes!!!
Chef Kurt Stiles is the CEO and owner of Intelligent Ingredients, a natural and functional food and beverage product development company based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Stiles has 29 years experience in the food and beverage industry, including franchise, chain and independent restaurants, educational and stadium foodservice, hotel banquets, mobile catering and owning two Moosehopper Bakery Cafes in the 1990's.

Stiles has worked with dozens of small-to-medium volume food and beverage manufacturers, in addition to major retail brands such as General Mills, Sara Lee, Land O'Lakes, Jennio Turkey, Dole Fruits and Caribou Coffee.

He has collaborated with all phases of corporate manufacturing, including chefs, food scientists, technologists, manufacturing plants, CEO's, CFO's, marketing, purchasing, warehouse, transportation, logistics and operations professionals.

He has both created and launched regional and national programs for new products in both wholesale and retail markets.

Chef Stiles sits on the advisory board at Le Cordon Bleu University, is the key contact for the Research Chef's Association (RCA) North Central Division, and is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

He is a published author, featured speaker and culinary collaborator providing a critical viewpoint and documented research on burgeoning trends and new products at industry seminars, trade shows and culinary roundtables throughout the USA.

Chef Stiles resides in White Bear Lake, MN, with his wife Molly and his son, Lil' Chef Oliver.

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Chef Kurt At The National Restaurant Association, Chicago
At the National Restaurant Association, Steve has got a chance to interview Chef Kurt, known for his delicious mousses. He is the CEO and owner of Intelligent Ingredients, a natural and functional food and beverage product development company based in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you want to know more about Chef Kurt and his mousses, you should watch the video.

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An Interview With Chef Curt At The National Restaurant Association In Chicago Video, Chef Kurt At The National Restaurant Association, Chicago