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Top Three Sausage Cookbooks

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Complete Sausage Cookbook

Sausage is one of the most versatile items one can have on hand in their kitchen as it can be used as a flavorful addition to a really wide variety of dishes. These top three sausage cookbooks will show you just what all you can do with this food item.


1. Bruce Aidells's Complete Sausage Book: Recipes from America's Premium Sausage Maker

It is important to note that while this book does talk about smoked and cured sausages, its main subject by far is fresh sausage that you can make at home. The author defines each type of sausage, elucidates its origin, guides us how to make sausages, and delights us with his favorite recipes for cooking with them. Countless related tips and essays on Aidells' never-ending pursuit for yet another great sausage round out the collection, which includes colored illustrations of 16 of the most delectable dishes. With the complete sausage cookbook in hand, you'll be prepared to add this most adaptable, wholesome, and gratifying ingredient to your gourmet cooking gamut.


2. Great Sausage Recipes & Meat Curing: 4th Edition – Rytek Kutas

This sausage cookbook is the most complete book available on sausage making and meat curing.Moreover, it has sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide. It is effortlessly understood, includes a wonderful array of recipes, and is very effectual in helping solve regular problems. It is authored by a man who picked up the art of sausage making and meat curing in his youth and who made a career out of smoking and curing meats. It is quite the informative cookbook, with tips for the veteran susage-maker as well as the novice. If you are just starting out in sausage-making, this should be the first book you purchase. There is a supplementary video that Kutas produced, which is also of great help.


Great Sausage Recipes

3. Sausage: Over 100 Delicious Recipes for Sausages and Sausage Dishes – A.D. Livingston

The author presents recipes for country sausages, more unique flavors from Thailand and even ancient Rome, as well as a full round of guidelines for dried and cured sausages. There is also a segment on making deli-style cold cuts. All country cooks, sportsmen in particular, will value this practical sausage cookbook. Delicious sausages can be made effortlessly and economically in your own kitchen by following the recipes and instructions found here. Sausage takes you through the steps of selecting the appropriate equipment and preparing such meats as pork, venison, beef, chicken, and fish to produce sausages of myriad flavors.


Buy these top three sausage cookbooks online on and explore the plethora of recipes and other information these amazing authors offer.


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Top Three Sausage Cookbooks