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Top Three Lemon Cookbooks

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Lemon and Lime Cookbook

You will learn how lemons can be common ingredients in cooking by reading the top three lemon cookbooks, and learn more about good recipes that use these fruits as  seasonings. Buy these books online at  


1. Lemon and Lime Cookbook – Richard Donker

From margaritas to hollandaise sauce, from chicken picatta to key lime pie — this book includes all the great recipes that use lemons and limes and many new ones as well. There are over 300 recipes in 15 chapters, with an introduction that describes the various cooking and other household uses for lemons and limes. What makes this cookbook special is how the author has garnered these recipes. From hand-scribbled notes made in restaurants around the world, newspaper and magazine clippings from dozens of popular and vague publications, and even postings from Internet chat groups and cooking Web sites. Donker has tried each recipe at least once himself and has made some modification, but where the recipe is essentially intact as he found it.

The downside of the book is that there are no photographs but this is made up by  the delicious goodness of his lemon infused dishes.


2. Lemons: A Country Garden Cookbook - Christopher Idone

This cookbook offers splendid, chic dishes that everyone is going to love digging into. The best recipe of this book is definitely the lemon meringue pie and the lemon squares. The book contains 40 recipes and an equal number of visually appealing color photographs. The recipes are fairly international in scope and you will be impressed with the variety of dishes mentioned in this lemon cookbook. You don’t have to be a veteran in the kitchen as the dishes are fairly simple to make. This book is really good value for money.

Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

3. Lemons, Lemons, Lemons – Sarah Schultz and Lalitte Scott

This wonderful two-color cookbook offers more than 75 simple, easy-to-follow recipes to experiment with during the warm summer months or even the chilly winter season. You will learn how to make delicious goodies like  Lemon Bread and Lemon-Cranberry Ice. An additional feature of the book is the thousand year old history of this beloved fruit along with some fun craft and gift ideas.

With these top three lemon cookbooks you will learn how lemons  are a favorite in the cuisines of many cultures. Any of these books are a great buy and they will soon become a favorite of your kitchen collection.


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Top Three Lemon Cookbooks