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Top Three Apple Cookbook Reviews

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Apple CookbookIf desserts are all that come to mind when you think of the apple, pick up one of the top three apple cookbooks reviewed below. You will learn how their fantastic texture and flavor can also be used to wonderful effect in savory dishes. They are easy to read and a joy to browse.



1. Apple Cookbook – Olwen Woodier

Apple Cookbook contains more than 150 recipes such as Breakfast items, Starters, Salads, Side Dishes, Entrees, and, of course, Desserts. There are ten chapters, seven of which feature recipes. While it has some usual apple recipes in it, be expected to find some creative dishes as well. The cookbook is easy to follow and has recommendations for which apples to use in each recipe. First published in 1984, the Tastemaker Award-winning Apple Cookbook has been entirely revised and updated.

Overall, this is a great cookbook, the only thing lacking about it is the absence of color photographs.


2. Apples: A Country Garden Cookbook – Christopher Idone

This cookbook explains how to use over 25 varieties of this classic fruit. Delightfully designed and gracefully photographed, this exclusive cookbook showcases terrific recipes that reveal the wonderful versatility of apples fresh from the garden or greengrocer's basket. There are plentiful apple recipes in this small book. Many of them are not found in usual apple pie books. If you love apples and want something really delicious, this book is for you.

These books are slowly going out of print so grab one while you can.

Apples, a country garden cookbook

3. The Apple Orchard Cookbook – Janet M. Christensen

With more than a 100 apple recipes, this cookbook helps make America’s beloved fruit exciting again! This enjoyable and practical cookbook, finally back in print, covers apple varieties, information, and history before it delves into apple recipes for each course of a meal—from “Appletizers” to apple entrées, apple soups to apple desserts, all you ever desired to know about cooking with apples is right here. Novice cooks will welcome the easy-to-follow instructions while veteran cooks will enjoy some delectable challenges that are sure to thrill everyone at the table. 


The downside to this apple cookbook is the lack of illustrations, however the recipe descriptions are detailed enough to make the book seem complete.

Fantastic apple cookbook

All of the top three apple cookbooks are useful seasonal books with straightforward, mouth-watering recipes for the bounty of fall. They will certainly prove to be an extensive recipe resource for every apple fancier. All of the books are available online on



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Top Three Apple Cookbook Reviews