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Top Three Egg Cookbook Reviews

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Totally EggsIf you love eggs and are looking for various recipes for all meals in your day, here are the top three egg cookbooks available right now. They all have some of the most delicious egg recipes listed, and they are all available online on


1. Totally Eggs (Totally Cookbooks) – Helene Siegel


This egg cookbook has 96 pages, easy-to-read print, no index -- but it does have a uncomplicated conversion table in the back -- & is divided into 5 beautiful little chapters (apart from the brief introduction) which are packed with 47 delicious recipes of differing degrees of complexity (bachelors, novices, beginners & non-cooks of every kind will find this book very non-intimidating & easy to use. 


Totally Eggs is a small, no frills book, but it contains superior-quality, thoughtful & well-put-together content.   Available in paperback, this book is a great buy.


2. The Good Egg: More than 200 Fresh Approaches from Breakfast to Dessert – Marie Simmons


Who knew there were so many various ways to cook an egg? This is more than a recipe book. Each chapter starts with a succession of egg facts and details, beginning with the cholesterol issue, and moving us into the composition of an egg. Then, there are the directives. The faultless scrambled egg; the ideal boiled egg, etc. But, above all, there are the creative ways in which the egg is served up as the focus of the meal.


The downside to this book is the absence of pictures and illustrations of the completed dishes. However, the book is so beautifully written, that you will not miss the pictures. Right from the first page to the last one, each of the 200 recipes will have you completely engaged.  Whether you are a new cook or a kitchen expert, this book should be amid your repertoire of well read and worn reference material. Available in paperback, this book is definitely  a must have.


The good egg


3. Eggs: Fresh, Simple Recipes for Frittatas, Omelets, Scrambles & More - Jodi Liano


This cookbook contains more than 40 toothsome recipes for this multi-purpose ingredient. Also incorporated are tips for buying and storing eggs, stuffing suggestions for scrambles and more, menu ideas, and gradual instructions for cooking. From fluffy omelets with herbs and to eggs and bacon Paninis to savory and buttery quiches and wholesome breakfast burritos, this cookbook covers it all. Filled with luscious photographs, the simple yet stimulating dishes found in this book include traditional comforts like Toad in the Hole and Deviled Eggs as well as innovative new ideas like Eggs Baked in Tomatoes and fanciful Eggs in Prosciutto Nests.


There is a hardcover as well as paperback edition available, so you have the option of buying either. Unfortunately it is still not out for the e-reader so you might have to wait a bit for that.


One of the top three egg cokbooks


You are guaranteed to get addicted to any of these top three egg cookbooks you buy. They all have some really special dishes and are a great purchase.


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Top Three Egg Cookbook Reviews