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Vegetarian Cookbook Reviews - Best Cuisine Cookbooks

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There are plenty of vegetarian cookbooks in the market, so what sets certain ones apart? The ones that are loaded with recipes, information, and instructions on creating really flavorful cuisine with an emphasis on putting healthy foods together to make a wholesome meal will stand out from the rest. Here are reviews on some of the best vegetarian cookbooks available in the market today.


Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone – Deborah Madison

This cookbook serves as an excellent guide on how to incorporate flavor into vegetable dishes, how to prepare vegetable stocks, and how to select, care for, and cook the variety of vegetables available. Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is in every way Deborah Madison’s masterwork, featuring 1,400 recipes suitable for devoted vegetarians, vegans (in most cases), and everyone else who loves fine food. For meat eaters, the recipes can be served alongside meat, fish, or poultry. Buy this book online on


The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook – Diana Shaw

This is a great cookbook if you have just made the switch from being a meat eater to a vegetarian. Written in an informal, light manner with lots of tips and helpful information, The Essential Vegetarian also provides delicious recipes that don't call for unusual ingredients. You will get several types of menus for different lifestyles. For example, there are menus for athletes, the health conscious, pregnant or nursing women, and even diabetics. The menus are well-balanced and interesting and offer tips on how to incorporate healthier eating into a busy lifestyle. The downside to this book is that some of the recipes take a while to prepare. However, the author does let you know how long each dish takes to prepare, and gives you a nutritional breakdown with calories, vitamins, etc. on each recipe so you can pick and choose as per convenience.


Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian - Madhur Jaffrey

Madhur Jaffrey is one of the most prominent and authoritative food writers. This book is a thoroughly researched collection of more than 750 meatless dishes from around the world, presented in a superlative form; picking the best vegetarian home-style dishes from practically every culture and cooking ritual. Jaffrey's book, filled with delectable, doable recipes, has universal appeal, and should be part of every cook's library. Buy on


How to Cook Everything Vegetarian – Mark Bittman

This book includes more than 2,000 recipes and variations - far more than any other vegetarian cookbook. As always, Bittman's recipes are delectably clear-cut, purposefully simple, and unfailingly appetizing. Home cooks should be able to create his recipes with ease and serve with assurance.  The book covers the whole range of meatless cooking-including salads, soups, eggs and dairy, vegetables and fruit, pasta, grains, legumes, tofu and other meat replacements, breads, condiments, desserts, and beverages. This book is a good buy.


Hopefully, you will have a good idea as to which vegetarian cookbook is best suited for you. They are all available online, and quite a few of them are also available in e-reader format.


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Vegetarian Cookbook Reviews - Best Cuisine Cookbooks