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Vegetarian Chinese Cookbook Reviews - Best Cuisine Cookbook

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There are more than a few vegetarian Chinese cookbooks out in the market today.  How do you figure out which one is the best and more importantly, which one is apt for you? Some of them maybe  detailed the haute cuisine types, while some the quick and easy “under 30 minutes” variety. Maybe you just want one that is a combination of both? Here are some reviews of some of the top vegetarian Chinese cookbooks out there. Hopefully this concise but yet comprehensive review will help you narrow down the best Chinese vegetarian cookbook out there.


Authentic Chinese Cuisine by Bryanna Clark Grogan

This book stands out among the several Chinese vegetarian cookbooks available with its variety of creative recipes for vegetarian "mock meat" dishes, just like those you'd relish in Buddhist restaurants. Some of her recipes are not as authentic as others, but most of them make use of the ingredients and techniques that you would expect from Chinese recipes. She offers a good assortment of authentic Buddhist-style recipes that utilize wheat gluten. Bryanna Clark Grogan, recognized for her in-depth exploration of global cuisine, liberally shares her familiarity of Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques, helping to enhance your experiences with her wonderfully crafted recipes


New Chinese Vegetarian Cooking by Kenneth H.C. Lo

Ths cookbook contains 150 delicious dishes for you to try. The best thing about this book is that it describes an entirely new way of cooking. Lo brings his creative chef's expertise to bear on classic Chinese techniques and ingredients. This book has recipes for vegetarians and vegans alike and the dishes are not very complicated. Buy this book on


From the Earth: Chinese Vegetarian Cooking by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo

This book is one of the most comprehensive vegetarian Chinese cookbooks out there. Lo has been teaching Chinese cookery at the China Institute of America in New York City for thirty years and has written a number of excellent cookbooks. What Lo is particularly good at is taking the novice by the hand and introducing them to the mysteries of the Chinese kitchen. This book has some great recipes, and is a great buy. 


Very! Very! Vegetarian by Chen-Hsia Wang and Tofu! Tofu! Tofu! by Mu-Tsun Lee 

These last two books, are slender volumes put out by Wei Chuan, the publishing arm of a very big and famous Chinese cooking school in Taiwan by the same name. The Wei Chuan books are packed with photographs illustrating the finished dish as well as some of the methods needed to complete them, and the text is offered in both Chinese and English.  While the vegetarian book is stringently vegetarian, the tofu book does contain recipes where meat or seafood are used as flavoring, stuffing or featured ingredient with the tofu.


So there you have it, four Chinese vegetarian cookbooks for you to pick from. They should all be available online or try browsing through a used bookstore.


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Vegetarian Chinese Cookbook Reviews - Best Cuisine Cookbook