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Indian Vegetarian Cookbook Reviews - Best Cuisine Cookbooks

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Paneer Masala

Here are some fantastic Indian vegetarian cookbook reviews. These books are all great and it would be difficult to pick the best of the lot. They all bring something different to the table so one really doesn’t substitute for the other. Here are some reviews to help you decide which one is suited for you.

The Spice Box: A Vegetarian Indian Cookbook by Manju Singh works as a succinct introduction to the numerous spiced explorations of varied East Indian vegetarian cuisine. The Indian name for each ingredient or dish is always given after the English in parentheses, a process to give confidence to the non conversant. The recipes are easy to follow and only call for easily found ingredients. The downside to this book is that it is a little on the pricey side. You can find this cookbook on


Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Yamuna Devi is another jewel of a collection of Indian vegetarian recipes. It contains more than 500 recipes, overflowing with fresh produce and herbs, aromatic spices, searing curries, and homemade dairy products. All recipes are based on readily available ingredients and have been meticulously adapted for American kitchens. Concisely written and credibly illustrated, Lord Krishna's Cuisine reveals the mysteries of the most wholesome and appetizing recipes of the world.


Cooking at Home with Pedatha by Jigyasa Giri isvery different from the other Indian vegetarian cookbooks you may come across. The author has focused on traditional dishes from the south of India. The instructions are very clear and simple to follow and the illustrations are very alluring. It is not possible to find such authentic home food in any restaurant, whether in or out of India. Try this book if you want to try something other than north Indian vegetarian cuisine. Buy this book on


Indian Vegetarian Cooking from an American Kitchen by Vasantha Prasad is a great option for those intimidated by the intricacies of Indian cooking, Prasad offers simple-to-prepare vegetarian dishes based on Indian models but with American simplicity and handiness always in mind. Although some of the recipes with their Eastern spices may be unusual, they are much more accessible to American vegetarian kitchens than are most other Indian cookbooks' contributions.


Hopefully this Indian Vegetarian Cookbook review will have made it easier for you to decide which cook book is the kind suited for you. They are all gems and turn cooking into a pleasure even for the novice who doesn’t particularly enjoy the kitchen.


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Indian Vegetarian Cookbook Reviews - Best Cuisine Cookbooks