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Policosanol Review- Is It The Best Supplement To Fight High Cholesterol?

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Policosanol is a generic term used to refer to nutritional supplement that is intended to lower LDL and increase HDL. This Policosanol review will give you general information about the supplement and how it aids you or destroys you. This review on Policosanol is not based on any prejudices; instead it is influenced from experiences of real time users and for verification we have relied on some science journals.



Policosanol is processed from mixture of alcohols, which are separated from wax of Cuban sugarcane. This supplement contains about 60% of octasanol. Due to ongoing patent battles and trade bans on Cuba, this supplement is not available in United States.  Instead, the Policosanol supplements sold in US are derived from wheat germ and bees wax.

Policosanol is generally used to lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol.


Working Action and Criticism

As, said before Policosanol is sold as a dietary supplement for controlling the cholesterol.  Cuban scientists opine that Policosanol works curbing the cholesterol within a liver. An independent study that was published in the Journal of the American Association have clearly discarded the findings of Cuban study group and added that the supplement did not give any benefits as purported. It was found that Policosanol failed to perform when administered at high doses.



  • Cardiovascular and Lipid support: During a double blind placebo-controlled study it was found that Policosanol actually supported the cardiovascular health.  Though, it is largely unclear as what factors support the cardiovascular health, but experts believe that Policosanol works by increasing platelet concentration and promoting their functions, supporting healthy lipid metabolism, and delivering antioxidant protection. The safety of Policosanol was confirmed after a decade of long-term and short-term clinical research.  During some studies it was found that Policosanol actually aided in healthy triglyceride metabolism.
  • Used in Treatment of various serious ailments: The purest variant of Policosanol is used for treating several health conditions like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), intermittent claudication (muscle cramps), hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, and hyper lipidemia, etc. The supplement aids in building up stamina, strength, and also causes reflex actions while preventing the development of lesions in heart diseases, arterial walls, inflammatory skin diseases, Parkinsons, and infections.



Subjects who were part of Cuban studies were administered on 10-20 mg of Policosanol , twice every day. Studies found that the supplement may take upto 2 months for bringing out the desired benefits.  It was found that the subjects who were administered more than 40 mg had some additional health benefits as compared to others. The majority of the subjects took 20 mg every day.


Side Effects

The reliability of Cuban studies have been doubted time and again, but some of the commonly reported side effects was insomnia, skin rashes, indigestion, and weight loss.


Drug Interactions

The Policosanol is believed to interfere with antiplatelet drugs, and blood clotting. People who are on medications like clopidogrel, aspirin, warfarin, pentoxyfylline, ticlopidine and supplements like gingko biloba, vitamin E, and garlic should stay away from this supplement. It is also not recommended for people who are on medication for Parkinsons disease.


Several clinical studies, researches, and published medical journals have regularly depicted some conflicts regarding the efficacy of Policosanol in heightening HDL and lowering LDL levels in the body. The Cuban government has been striving to prove the effectiveness of Policosanol, and its extracting, and other purported health benefits have been issue of debate since last many years.



Under present circumstances Policosanol can be considered as a worthy health supplement for controlling cholesterol.


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Policosanol Review- Is It The Best Supplement To Fight High Cholesterol?