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Alpha -Gpc Review - Is it a Worthy Memory Booster?

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Alpha-Gpc or L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine is a choline which is naturally found in milk, soy and brain. The supplement is used as medicine for many diseases. Today there are many Alpha-Gpc supplements in the market and often it is difficult to choose from the best. Read through the Alpha-Gpc reviews to know the benefits and side effects of this supplement.



In most of the European countries, the Alpha-Gpc is sold as a prescription medicine and is used in the treatment of Alzheimers. It is normally administered orally or through injections. In United States the Alpha-Gpc is served as a dietary supplement or they are included in products, which are used to promote brain health.

Alpha-Gpc is also used in treating strokes, dementia, and mini stroke called TIA. It is mostly administered to people who are struggling to improve their thinking skills, memory and learning experiences. Alpha-Gpc works by improving the concentration of certain chemical called acetylcholine in the brain. This brain chemical is very vital for the improving the learning functions and memory.  For commercial purposes the Alpha-Gpc is mostly extracted from a highly purified soy chemical lecithin.


Posology and Method of Administration
In fact there are no studies which actually give out the exact dosage of Alpha-Gpc. Also, there are no studies, which can be used as a reference to know the effects of using Alpha-Gpc for more than 4 months. In best interests it is recommended that it would best if the individual limits the consumption to 300 mg of alpha Gpc to two or three times a week.  If the supplement is used for treating the memory related issues then it is best to take it only after consulting a certified medical practioner. In that case the dosage may vary from what we have recommended here.




  • Brain Health: Alpha-Gpc users have reported of improvement in mental performance. The supplement is known to deliver significant health benefits in the form of memory, lead, and improved cognitive abilities. Some highlights in this area includes: better stress management, and improved mental reactions.  This supplement is also known to help in combating the fatigue.
  • Endurance: The Alpha-Gpc is also used by many people involved in high endurance sports because they work their way by secreting growth hormone, and increasing muscle mass. Enhanced growth hormones actually lead to improved physical performance and also increase the physical strength.
  • Liver Health: The Alpha-Gpc is known to boost the liver health through lipotrophic choline. The supplement actually aids in catalyzing the vitamins in liver and brain. This actually inspires the body to utilize the vitamins in better way.
  • Aging: Some studies suggest that Alpha-gpc actually helps to combat the effects of aging by: Improving the brain health, and stimulating the production of growth hormones.  During various studies it was found that Alpha-Gpc actually aided in reducing the psychological symptoms related to cognitive decline.


Side Effects
As, there are no reported side effects of using the Alpha-Gpc. Actually Alpha-Gpc is similar to CDP-choline and choline in its appearance, and one can easily guess that higher consumption of any of alpha-GPc can lead to overstimulation, insomnia, increased body temperature, and nausea.



The Alpha-Gpc is a well tolerated by most of the individuals and it is also a nutrient tolerated product. It is also a good option if you wish to use it for boosting the mental health. If you are on other medications, then it is advisable to consult your physician before using the product.


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Alpha -Gpc Review - Is It A Worthy Memory Booster?