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Colostrum Review - The Natural Immune Booster

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Colostrum – is one of the commonly used muscle supplements across the world. However, there is more to this dietary supplement that being just a muscle supplement. Read through the Colostrum review to understand what this supplement serves and how it aids or affects you. 


Colostrum is a type of milk or to say first milk produced by the glands of mammals prior to giving birth. Colostrum is believed to be loaded with antibodies and antioxidants, which actually aid the new born to fight against diseases. Colostrum is low in fats than the regular milk and is high in proteins too.

Colostrum is known to be high in sodium chloride, proteins, and vitamin A, but has lower amounts of potassium, carbohydrates and lipids than ordinary milk. The most active compounds in Colostrum include the antimicrobial factors and immunoglobins. Some of the active compounds in Colostrum include Lactoferin, Cytokines, Proline-Rich Polypeptide, and Vitamins.

Nowadays, the Colostrum is usually preferred by most of the athletes involved in high endurance sports due to the belief that it will aid in faster recovery times during exercises.  The athletes believe that Colostrum will help them to improve their performances, boost their immunity and help to stay away from sickness during the peak performances.


The Colostrum extracted from cows bovine is now sold as a dietary supplements.



  • Astham Support: Health experts suggest that asthma is normally caused as a result of allergic reaction due to presence of foreign substance in the human body. As mentioned before the Colostrum is loaded with lots of antibodies, which can easily fight against foreign bodies.  Colostrum was administered to animal models suffering from asthma. It was found that many of these subjects showed significant improvement from the condition.


  • Alzheimers: Alzheimers actually occur due to lowered levels of IG-1 in the body. As a person grows old the levels of various immunoglobins like IG-1, IG-2 reduces and starts hampering the functioning of brain. The Cortislim is believed to be enriched with many immunoglobins like IG-1, IG-2, etc and they are known to reduce the severity of the disease. During clinical trials it was observed that about 50% of the subjects administered on Colostrum showed significant improvement. A component of Colostrum known as Phosphatidylserine , was found to benefit people suffering from dementia and alzheimers.


  • Anti-Aging: With age body simply gets withered due to oxidative stress and high levels of ROS (reactive oxygen species), which are produced during metabolism. Both these factors are known to speed up the effects of aging. Gluthione found in Colostrum is known to deliver powerful antioxidant action against both these factors and aid in curbing the degenerative effects of aging.


Side Effects

No side effects have been reported so far, still individuals on medications for treating HIV or cancer, diabetes, obesity, prostatitis, and hypertension should consult a qualified medical practitioner before using the product.



Colostrum is virtually safe for everyone. 


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Colostrum Review - The Natural Immune Booster