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Beano Review - Is It A Worthy Dietary Supplement?

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Are you in search of dietary supplements which aid the digestive system? Then perhaps you can consider Beano as one of them. Read through this Beano review to understand what this product is all about and how it aids or hurts you.




Beano is a new generation dietary supplement which promotes the digestive health. The product aims at reducing the gas in the digestive tract and claims to curb the instances of bloating, indigestion, flatulence, caused by gas. The product contains an enzyme known as alpha galactosidase, which breaks down the oligosaccharides (read raffinose) in the stomach. The product was once marketed as the liquid but today it is mostly sold in the form of tablets and strawberry-flavored meltaways.


The product was actually developed by Alan Kligerman , who worked with AkPharma in 1981. The product was inspired after a long research into gas causing vegetables. Alan got this idea from an essay by Benjamin Franklin, which was published in 1780.  The brand is today owned by GlaxoSmith Kline.


Gelatin, Cellulose Gel, Invertase,  Mannitol, Magnesium Stearate, Potato Starch, and Colloidal Silica.


Recently the product manufacturers have indicated that the product contains flounder, cod, wheat, and redfish. If someone is allergic to these substances then they should not use it. The galactosemics should consult their physician before using the product.


Working Action

In simple ways it can be said that the product mainly works by breaking down the complex carbohydrates and sugars present in many of the foods like cruciferous vegetables (aka cauliflower, sprouts, cabbages, broccoli, etc) and legumes like peanuts and beans. The enzymes present in the product actually break down complex carbohydrates into the forms which are easily digestible by intestine.


The oligosaccharides and polysaccharides present in the food may easily pass of the small intestine, but when they reach the large intestine they get metabolized by intestinal bacterial culture. The bacterial culture in large intestine actually ferments the flora to produce gas, which brings discomfort.


The product is known to curb the gas before it starts.  It is recommended to chew Beano immediately after taking gas inducing products like beans, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, onion, soy products, seeds, cereals, whole grains, and more. For best benefits, Beano should be taken before consuming food containing any of the above mentioned ingredients.



All the claims made by Beano are not supported by FDA or any other authentic food agency. Therefore, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease (read gas here).


There is no concrete evidence to support the claims made by the product manufacturers. Also, there are lots of reports coming up regarding the side effects caused by the product.  Some clinical studies suggest that people who took Beano actually reported of reduction in gas after taking the supplement. Another study indicates that the alpha galactosidase present in the supplement may interfere with diabetic medication.  


Side Effects

Beano is not known to deliver any side effects. It is mostly considered to be safe for all people even if they are on certain medications. As there are no drug interactions too, but still it is recommended that people who are allergic to ingredients in Beano should stay away from it. Also, it they are on treatment for diabetics, and then they should think twice before having it.



Beano works pretty well for all people, and it may work the same for you too. But it is always wise to go for the experts’ opinion before taking on such products.


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Beano Review - Is It A Worthy Dietary Supplement?